The Euphoria of Kommaksi, Communication Studies of UMM ready to face Industry in Era 4.0

Author : Humas | Friday, October 05, 2018 15:11 WIB

Now days the development of technology is growing rapidly. This is in accordance with the creativity and innovation which created by good quality of resources, thus human communication could answer the challenge to face technological movement and competition in Era industry 4.0 with more productive and independent.

 “Not only that, furthermore communication people could enlarge networking and develop the character, which could prepare the mentality of young generation to face challenges in industry 4.0, explained by Himawan Soetanto, Head of Communication Studies Faculty of Social and Political Science University of Muhammadiyah Malang at peers conference held by Communication Students, Thurday (4/10).

Kommaksi become the effort of appreciation moment from three various practicum in communication studies namely Public Relations, Journalism and Media Studies, and Audi Visual Communication. Series events are hold for about four days, which are Exhibition, Workshop PR, Film and Journalistic, Movie and Coffee Festival and kata masa seminar delivered by fun and expert speaker, and awarding night as the highlight.

International Conference of Kata Masa carrying the theme “Convergence of Technology, Entertainment & Design: Empowering Indonesia” inviting the young generation of Indonesia to adapt with communication world competition, especially to face Industry in Era 4.0. collaborate with NAVA+ group, this event runs interactive.

The purpose of collaboration between NAVA+ Group with communication studies UMM is to make the participant follow-up the development of communication based on sciences, innovation, inspiration, and also education which has positive impact to the society around,” said Kandin Windoe, Integration Director of Nava+ Group.

In this event, Kommaksi invite several partitions in communication field from 4 countries, that are Farris Baharom (Malaysia), Tok Tien Eu (Malaysia), Nancy Lin (Indonesia), Terence Wong (Singapore), and Mehdi Lamloum (Tunis). All the speakers are tell their work experienced and share the story about the challenges to deal with Industry in Era 4.0 with several perspective from various countries.

According to Nancy Lin, right now the young generation are intelligent and full of ideas, be able to empower the creativity and develop many things. With effort, capability and ideas in the form of creative content, they could respond the challenges in era industry 4.0. Content creative itself is come due to people demanding movement.

“The point is to produce creative content we need to formulate the purpose as great as possible, “he added.

In closing night of Kommaksi, carried out also signing with multiple instances to improve the competitiveness of the Communication Student.

Including Nava Group which over opportunities of internship and working for communication students as well as the Housing and Settlements Working Group (Pokja PKP) Gresik for the practice of PR students in branding Gresik to a tourist city entitled Discover Gresik.

I thank to all the parties which have come here to sign the MOU, hope that our cooperation could be utilize fully, Himawan concluded. (wid/aan)



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