ESSCO Builds Scientific Culture and Public Speaking Ability

Author : Humas | Friday, January 05, 2018 13:00 WIB
Zulfikar Bagas, an English Department students who awarded Erasmus in Murcia (Photo by: ESSCO UMM)

Public Speaking skill is an important skill today. It is realized by a group of English Department students’ to form a community of English public speaking named English Student Sharing Community (ESSCO).

ESSCO ChairmanMoh. Kholilurrahmandescribes this community is not only for training students' public speaking ability, but also serves to build the culture of scientific discussion in English Language Education Department (ELED) environment. For example, one of Weekly agenda ESSCO i.e. Sharing of ELED students’ to present their research.

"ESSCO is not only training their speaking ability, but alsobuilding a culture of scientific discussion. We usually provide a theme to carry out the discussion," said Kholilurrahman.

On the other hand, ESSCO also has sharingsessionwhich packed in Coffee Break agenda by presenting some of speakers with a specific theme. The speakers are students and lecturers both local and foreign students who haveachievements in academic and non-academic.

"This Coffee Break Agenda is to give the experience or new ideas for ELED students’," explainedMamang.

At the end, Kholilurrahman said that the existence of ESSCO is the way to introduce ELED UMM through achievements and scientific activities.

"In the future, we expect to make some nice events involving outside parties," said Kholil. (ard)



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