Four German Citizens Learned Alternative Energy to UMM PLTMH

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 26, 2019 11:33 WIB
The four German citizens are reviewing the turbine work at PLTMH 1. (Photo: Special)

Four German citizens on Monday (3/25) studied the use of alternative energy to the University of Muhammadiyah Malang’s (UMM) Micro Hydro Power Plant (PLTMH). The four students were currently attending an internship program from Hochschule Rhein Main, Germany at PPPPTK BOE-VEDC, Malang.

They wanted to know the alternative power sources at UMM to support Project of Electrolysis the Hydro Gas which was the final task. They wanted to see the Micro Hydro concept then to the Solar Power Plant (PLTS) to learn the concept of turbines that run water sources into electricity.

They were Maximillian Grimm, Dena Makaremi, Manuel Miezal, Sauhel Chabra with two mentors from VEDC who were Dr. Agung Suprihatin, S.Pd., and Dra. Mundiatun, "The project task is related to Environmental Education," explained Dr. Agung Suprihatin, S.pd., M.Sc was met after the visit.

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"At least UMM has 2 power plants, so we bring it to PLTMH 1 which becomes one with the dam. While PLTMH 2 does not become one with the dam, there we explain that from small turbid rivers can produce electricity, "explained PLTMH operator Nanda Ardiansyah.

UMM PLTMH-1 had three filters. The first filter aimed to filter out impurities and garbage. In the second filter, the garbage that still escapes from the first filter was filtered back and the water can be put on the dam with one finger segment or about 2 cm. As well as, the third filter, water was processed for electricity.

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At present, the electricity generated was 100 KW in the rainy season and will decline by around 80 KW 2 months at dry. With the electricity which was produced, it can save 25-30% of campus needs and be able to meet the electricity needs of some offices.

"They are looking for a concept that can be used for their final assignment related to Environmental Education in Micro Hydro Water Electrolysis. As alternative energy with such savings, it is already very good. They are very enthusiastic about learning here, "concluded Nanda. (Win)



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