4th Visit: USM Wants to Come Back

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 21, 2015 08:26 WIB
Comparative Study:Dari From left, Vice Rector II UMM Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd, Vice Rector I USM Dr. Supari, S.T, M.T and Vice Rector III Iswoyo, S.Pt, M.P as watching UMM profile video through short film in senate courtroom. (18/2)

For the fourth time the faculties of University of Semarang (USM) visit University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), on Friday (19/2). The entourage consisted of 30 structural dignitaries led by Vice Rector I USM Dr. Supari, S.T, M.T and Vice Rector III Iswoyo, S.Pt, M.P.

            Supari claimed that he had been in UMM four time in adjacent period. Despite this fact, he explained that there were still many things to learn from UMM. “We are both private universities. UMM is such leading private university receiving A accreditation so that we have to learn much from this university,” said Supari before Vice Rector II UMM Drs. Fauzan, M.Pd.

            This time, USM discussed much about a development of university business. As has been widely known, UMM has developed many business units as university financial support for maintaining university quality apart from student’s administrations.

            “As private university, number of students precisely defines gained capital. Yet in a future, this such dependence should be declined by developing income center,” said Fauzan. Adding, he also stated that UMM would integrate all business units into holding company under maintained by university. All units could serve society in one defined package for instance in a future guests of tour study should stay in UMM Inn, fill gasoline in UMM Gas Station, have lunch or dinner in Sengkaling Food Festival, travel and play in UMM Sengkaling Recreational Park, have treatment in UMM Hospital which supplied foods are organic foods from UMM Farm, have car repaired in UMM automotive repair.

            “It should work that way ideally. But first, we have to internally manage all profit center to be more professional. Soon, Sengkaling Recreational Park will be developed by utilizing Edu Park concept integrated with university’s laboratories,” explained Fauzan.

            This concept impressed USM. The raising questions among them were how to maintain all business units without disrupting academic affairs, how to maintain relationship between institution and university in managing them, and how to do such efficiency.  

            Responding all questioned, Fauzan explained that UMM has corporate culture characteristic. Instead of concerning on structural orientation, UMM rather concerns on function one. All units in UMM are precious and should be appreciated. However, controlling remains entitled in each unit.


            “We apply centralistic management for academic, financial, and general affairs. One example is UMM has only one account. It has been integrated through online system,” told him. After dialogue, USM entourage visited a number of units. Supari hoped that UMM would never be bored to welcome USM visit since there are still many things to learn from UMM. (zul/nas)



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