Eco-Tourism: Applied Laboratory of Biology Department

Author : Humas | Thursday, March 19, 2015 15:27 WIB
Attracting Tourist: The longest Flying Fox located in tortoise and mangrove conservation attracts tourists (PSLK UMM for Humas UMM)

A research affirmation of Biology Department of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is not merely proved through the existence of laboratories in campus area. Currently, Biology Department along with Environment and Population Studies Center (PSLK) UMM own tortoise and mangrove conservation situated in Pacitan, East Java. In a future, these two conservations will be developed as eco-tourism.

            Not only aimed as integrated conservation for tortoise and mangrove, according to Head of PSLK UMM Drs. Wahyu Prihanta, M.Kes, this conservation also covers swimming pool and 450-meter flying fox located in seashore. “It has been known that there is dangerous sea wave in there, it will surely be dangerous to swim in the sea. For safety concern, we build swimming pool,” said him as being interviewed in PSLK UMM office on Wednesday (19/3).

            To keep the area, UMM has collaborated with local society to manage these conservations. Indeed up to now, said Wahyu, locals have utilized them. “Periodically, we send faculties to monitor these two conservations,” he added.

            This area is very useful for students, especially those having finished their thesis. “Several students work on thesis concerning this conservation. The findings might be in form of handout and Biology books for Senior High School. Since they will become biology teacher in a future, it will be very useful,” said Wahyu.

            More than one thousand tourists always visit this conservation to directly see baby of Penyu Belimbing, or merely witness tortoises as being released into the vast sea. “As these tortoises spawn, we directly take the eggs and put them on hatchery for 64 days. After getting bigger, we release them back to the sea. We let one or two eggs be left in seashore to attract locals” told him.

            He also hoped that these conservation would become role model for other districts. “To complete these two conservations, we will build sea conservation. Integrated guidance is the most important thing to maintain the environmental balance. InsyaAllah, by the end of this year the eco-tourism will be officially opened,” Wahyu ended. (zul/han/t_stu)



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