The Indonesian Ambassador to Great Britain at the UMM Graduation Gives Important Capital to Build a Career

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 24, 2020 13:32 WIB


Dr. Rizal Sukma when giving a scientific oration at the 97th Period III Graduation Ceremony of 2020 UMM

Ambassador Extraordinary Plenipotentiary of the Republic of Indonesia to the United Kingdom of Great Britain concurrently the Republic of Ireland and the International Maritime Organization for the 2015-2020 Period, Dr. Rizal Sukma, was appointed to give a scientific oration at the 97th Period III 2020 Graduation Ceremony of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Saturday (24/10). Rizal specifically distributed several important assets to graduates who started careers in the pandemic era so that they could face intense competition and also the harsh conditions during the Covid-19 pandemic to build a career.

Previously, Rizal, who was one of the 100 World Thinkers in 2009 by Foreign Policy magazine, mentioned the challenges of Covid-19 in Indonesia. First, he said, Indonesia always wanted to be an independent country. There is nothing wrong with that idea. However, this independence certainly cannot be achieved without international cooperation. "No country can develop and be independent because it isolates and works alone. In today's world, independence is obtained from international cooperation, "said Rizal in this virtual oration.

We, he continued, must still have the principle that the national interest is number one. However, emphasized Rizak, who was active in Muhammadiyah as Chairman of the Institute for Foreign Relations and Cooperation of the Muhammadiyah Central Executive in 2005-2015, efforts to fight for national interests do not have to be accompanied by a xenophobic attitude or feeling afraid, threatened, or resentful of the parties. foreign side. "And these attitudes are no longer relevant," said Rizal in front of the graduates who graduated at the Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral levels.

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"We often hear, for example, that Indonesia wants to be able to build its planes and cars. There is nothing wrong with that idea. But to get there, I think what is very important is how to make Indonesia part of a regional and global supply chance. We see, for example, that many industries today have never been fully developed by one country. However, several countries participate in the existing regional and global supply chance. So that the stretching of the industry can also develop," he explained at the graduation was held in waves.

The world economy is moving a lot into services, so Indonesia must also move in that direction. However, for Indonesia, it is still important to revive the manufacturing and agricultural sectors, because there is precisely the importance of creating employment opportunities that can be answered. "Apart from the negative impacts and new opportunities, the main challenge that is now of course for the graduates is how to get a job after graduation. This, I think, is a problem for many college graduates in many countries, "said Rizal.

Thus, to face the existing challenges, Rizal leaked the capital that should be owned by graduates so that later they could face the intense competition and also the harsh conditions during this pandemic to build a career. Among them are enthusiasm and optimism. "Don't be discouraged if, for example, those with a low GPA. When I was studying undergraduate, with all my limitations, my GPA was only 2.60. Finally, I write more to fulfill my daily needs. Everything can be passed thanks to high enthusiasm and optimism, "said Rizal.

Next, focus on what you want to do. It would be hard to do many things at once, but nothing to focus on because professionalism needs to be built from scratch. Rizal emphasized the importance of focusing on developing careers in certain fields. Besides, Rizal hopes that even though they have graduated, the graduates will still strengthen their mastery of foreign languages because this competence is very significant. "The window of knowledge and experience is wide open if we can master foreign languages, especially in English. Or other languages to support careers, "he said.

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Besides, it is necessary to take advantage of existing networks. During college, we unconsciously build a network among fellow students. “ In my career, I have been helped by the existing network. If you can, create your work do not depend on the government. President of the United States Ronald Reagen once said that is not the solution and sometimes is the problem. That is, the government is sometimes not the solution, sometimes the government is the problem maker, "he said.

Furthermore, in building a career going to forward, it is important to anticipate what opportunities will be there after Covid-19, especially in the context of building your jobs. Anticipating post-covid economic activity and post-Covid activity will make it easier to come up with different ideas. Finally, we must continue to contribute and support Muhammadiyah's national and international roles. Muhammadiyah is very open to all of our contributions. So, don't forget Muhammadiyah, "said Rizal closing his speech. (apg/can)



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