Dude Harlino Shares Tips How to be a Successful Entrepreneur to UMM Students

Author : Humas | Wednesday, September 26, 2018 17:46 WIB
Dude Harlino shares tips how to be a successful entrepreneur

Who doesn’t know Dude Harlino? He is a famous actor and a successful businessman. Dude shares his story on Inspiring Session Emtek Goes to Campus (EGTC) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang on Wednesday (26/9). Dude used to open Chicken Noodle stall ans Sushi restaurant, but he faced failure in his business. He never gave up. Now, he tries to open a business in culinary in Yogyakarta, named Yogya Scrummy. His business is known well by people in Yogyakarta.

Now, Dude open some branches, reseller, and pop up in several places in Yogyakarta. He empowers Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) and makes video contents on Youtube to promote tourism places in Yogyakarta. Dude said, “I work with entrepreneurs in Yogya, especially those who have SMEs”. Dude is eager to give social impact to people in Yogyakarta. “Thanks to Allah, we are able to provide ambulance for free, rebuilding schools, and we commit to be beneficial for people”.

Although he has faced failures in acting and business, he believes that Allah always shows him a way to succeed. “It is never an easy way to get success. There will be always hard times and perhaps failures. But, it’s normal. Don’t give up and have courage. Besides, you must know well what you are gonna sell, set good marketing strategy, and it will be great if you can utilize digital information”.

Dude suggested students to learn how to be good entrepreneurs like Prophet Muhammad and other successful Moslem figures. “Andurrahman bin Auf, Utsman bin Affan, and other Moslem figures are the examples of successful people. By running a business, we learn how to compete”.

The last, Dude urged the students to start thinking about what business they want to run. (lus)



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