UMM Holds Guest Lecture of Norway Ambassador

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 10, 2016 16:07 WIB
Norway Ambassador, HE Stig Traavik becomes the first speaker in Ambassador Lecture (10/2)

THE Norway Ambassador for Indonesia, H. E. Stig Traavik, becomes the first speaker in Ambassador Lecture in University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Wednesday (10/2). The UMM Rector, Fauzan, suggests this event as the new academic tradition of inviting the foreign ambassadors. “Previsiously, the guest lecture has been done occasionally. However, I suggest that this event will be the new routine agendas,” says Fauzan.

Stig, in his lecture, has been becoming the ambassador in Indonesia since 2012. He says many things regarding the cooperation between Indonesia and Norway. “Indonesia and Norway has a good relationship. Indonesia export textiles, foods and even bikes. We, on the other hand, export Salmon fish. The 60% of consumed Salmon fish came from our country,” he says.

 Apart from products, Norway and Indonesia also cooperate in climate and forest, mining technology and human rights. “The difference between Norway and Indonesia is that Indonesia has a high tolerance even having majority Moslem people, various culture. Norway is very homogen. However, even I am a Moslem, I don’t have any problems with tolerance in my country,” Slig says.

Stig thinks that Indonesia has plenty time in changing Indonesian people to not litter and harm the environment. He says that Norway people almost don’t drive motorbikes and cars. Norway people always walk and ride the bike. “In my embassy office in Jakarta, I always ride a bike even riding motorbikes and driving cars are more dominant,” Stig asserts.

He thinks that UMM can be the pioneer university which uses bikes in its university area. “I am happy to see this university. This university is very green and there are many bikes available to ride,” he says.

Soeparto, rector assistant in international relation, hopes this Ambassador Lecture can lead UMM students to have an international vision. Besides guest lecture, UMM and Norway had a cooperation in the training of Syariah and human rights through Theological Science Center and Multiculture (Pusam) UMM.

“We hope that Norway can be the place those UMM students who got their Erasmus Mundus scholarship. We still haven’t got Norway as the Erasmus Mundus. I hope that UMM students can study in Norway with the recommendation from the Norway Ambassador,” Soeparto says. (zul/han/nas/t_rfd)



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