U.S. Ambassador and Vice Governor Attend the Peace Corps Volunteers' Vow

Author : Humas | Saturday, June 05, 2010 08:29 WIB
Para relawan AS dari Peace Coprs membacakan sumpah senagai wujud kesiapan bekerja dengan profesional.
            United States Ambassador, Cameron Hume and Vice Governor of East Java, Syaifullah Yusuf, on Thursday (6/3), witnessed the nineteen Peace Corps volunteers vowed. They were released on the campus of University of Muhammadiyah Malang and accompanied by the Rector of UMM Muhadjir Effendy, Bapenas representative Bambang Sutedjo, and American General Consulate in Surabaya Caryn McClelland, and the Chief of the Peace Corps Jack Seeker.

Peace Corps is an organization of American volunteers who engaged in humanitarian missions in various countries. UMM was chosen to host the Debriefing of Culture and Indonesian Language for three months before the volunteers were deployed in the society during the next 27 months. Their objectives were schools in East Java, including in Madura. "They will teach English and merged with the local community," said Jack Seeker.

In the vow which was consisted of 10 points, the volunteers said that they were ready to work professionally. They also would maintain good relations between Indonesia and the United States. "We realize that our work will reflect the US culture, therefore we promise to maintain the good name of our culture," they red one of the points together.

The Vice Governor considered that the program is part of the aggressiveness of East Java Regional Government in taking chance from Bapenas and U.S. Embassy. Before the other provinces took it, East Java offered itself as the host of volunteers. "This is part of people to people contact between Indonesia and the United States. So, take the advantage of this program to build the best possible education in East Java," said Gus Ipul, the Vice’s nickname.

Agreed with Gus Ipul, Hume also thought this program extremely remarkable. What has been done by the volunteers was to give different shades for pupils who would probably become the leader of this nation. "The Peace Corps’ duties are to create peace, friendship, and mutual understanding. The volunteers had only been teaching English for two years in Indonesia, but we hope the results can be felt by next two generations," said Hume.

    During the three months briefing, the volunteers were placed in some villages in Batu. At first, they were awkward and uncomfortable to have their new ways life. "I only know some vocabularies, such as eating, sleeping, and greeting. Now I live with these things that I never imagined before. But now I feel the warmth of my family," said Sarah Jane Pualani, one of the volunteers while giving her impression. Sarah who lived with her family in Giri Purno, Batu, hugged her adoptive mother tightly.

      The Rector, Effendy Muhadjir welcomed the plan and hoped the relationship between UMM with the United States would get better. During this time, American Corner has already available at UMM library. UMM and United States also had several cooperation for exchanges, but later UMM wanted to cooperate for more programs. "If the Ambassador of Saudi Arabia several days ago gave scholarship in forms of Umra and Hajj, maybe the U.S. Ambassador will give many scholarships," said Muhadjir. The ambassador of Saudi Arabia a few days ago came to UMM to continue the cooperation which has been already established.

     Meanwhile, Bambang Sutedjo, said that Peace Corps has been signed since December 2009 after Hillary Clinton came to Indonesia. Peace Corps had previously been conducted in the 1960s, it is finally reactivated. "Peace Corps is the history pillar of both nations for further cooperation. Hopefully it can be a momentum that can strengthen the relations between the two countries," said Bambang. (rwp/nas/t_ris)



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