DT Camp, Build Self Confident Local-Foreigners Student

Author : Humas | Tuesday, July 31, 2018 18:01 WIB

Unexpectedly, the Design Thinking (DT Camp) event which lasted only 10 days left many interesting experiences and impressions for foreign students, Tang Binbin, who is a student from China who could not speak English. During the activity, she relied on translator applications and body language to interact with her other friends.

"I am very happy to be here. I like it very much. I think the people here are very simple, enthusiastic, and very kind to us (red: strangers). My English is not good, but they all have the patience to tell me and translate it for me," Tang Binbin explained.

It is not easy to find people who can accept the shortcomings of others, especially people of different countries. But Rendria Sari managed to melt Tang BinBin's heart until the closing ceremony. Rendria is a student from STIE Malang. Rendria told of an unforgettable experience with Tang Binbin.

At first, she felt Tang BinBin is a child who ignorant and do not want to mingle. Apparently she was wrong, Tang Binbin has limited language. So she rarely speaks during the activities. Knowing that, Rendria is happy to help Tang Binbin despite spending a lot of time translating their own languages.

While shedding tears, Tang Binbin conveyed her feelings "I am sad not to meet again and I will always remember you all," she concluded.

Assistant Rector for Cooperation Drs. Soeparto M.Pd. conveyed that the event held on the consortium of 13 assistant rectors of foreign cooperation is a form of appreciation funded by Kemenristekdikti.

"Mensristekdikti gave a consortium to 13 universities. There were 13 colleges that participated in proposing summer camp fund to dikti. The terms that must be fulfilled is a consortium of at least two colleges and a maximum of three. Yesterday, we proposed three consortia. The first consortium was UMM, Ma chung, UNISMA. The second was Polinema, ABM, STIKI Malang. Then, the three Widya Gama, UNMER, and Kanjuruhan," explained Soeparto at the Closing Ceremony of DT Campo in GKB IV UMM, Tuesday (31/7).

From the three consortiums submitted, Kemenristekdikti only approved the first two consortium proposals. The funds are then managed to create international events. This event was held also considering the importance of self-confident to the student especially when dealing with foreign students.

This is the second year of DT Camp scheduled by IRO UMM. The activity held on (22-31/7) was Kemenristekdikti's offer to hold back DT Camp in Malang Raya.

"DT camp is conducted in Malang. There are only 12 state universities and private universities that participate. The consortium is only six campuses namely UMM, UNISMA, Macung, Polinema, Stiki, STIE Malang Kucucwara," said Mohamad Syaroni Syawaludin, UMM Facilitator.

DT Camp activities invited foreign students and locals to do research in two places namely Batu and Malang Selatan. Two places selected because considering the problem of garbage is still a scourge in ​​Batu, while the South Malang problem is community's economy.



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