Author : Humas | Saturday, September 12, 2015 05:27 WIB

The proliferation of Drone Photography in Indonesia trigerred off the fast response of the Communication Science laboratory of University of Muhammadiyah malang (UMM). Cooperating with Nikon indonesia and Id-Photographer community, the Lab held the photography workshop for public in Communication Mini Theatre Lab UMM on Thursday (10/9). There were 75 participants joined.

Anton Chandra, the keynote speaker of the Drone Photography said that a photographer has to be able to operate the drone. “It’s such a pity that we are skilful in using all the photography techniques but couldn’t operate a drone,” he said.   

According to him, operating a drone takes two weeks of training. There are many types of drone, such as manual drone, quad-copter drone, hexa-copter drone, built-in camera drone and a  drone with Global Positioning System (GPS). “If we can operate a drone, it’s better for us to take a drone sertification administered by the Indonesian Drone Pilot Association (APDI),” he suggested.

Beside drone photography, the workshop also discussed about Travelling Photography. The keynote speaker was Ditto Birawa, a photographer from Id-Photographer. In his explanation, he gave several tips of photography for vacation.

“You should start with the research on destination. Focus on the moral values instead  of the beauty of nature. Conduct an interview about the destination. Moreover, explore the place, find something unique , learn the history and don’t forget the culinary,” he suggested.


Furthermore, Nikon Indonesia and Id-photographer cooperated with Indomaret holding the Indomaret Photo Contest 2015 themed “Potret Indonesia” or “Portrait of Indonesia”. This event will be held on August 1 until September 20 2015. For further information, go to di



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