Drill Square Hole for Efficiency of Electrical Installations

Author : Humas | Wednesday, November 25, 2020 15:10 WIB
Ilham Akbar R. Supu shows the design of the Drill Square Hole design
 (Photo : Istimewa)

Seeing that there are still many construction workers experiencing difficulties during the process of installing electrical installations, Ilham Akbar R. Supu, a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), tries to design a tool that can simplify the process.

"Initially, I read a literature review on electrical installations for the Team Design Project course, it turns out that this job takes quite a long time," explained Ilham.

Students who are currently taking this thesis are trying to develop existing tools and adapt them to the available electrical installation models in Indonesia.

"This tool already exists in other countries, but it can't be applied in Indonesia immediately. So, I am redesigning what will be here, "said the student from Makassar.

Drill Square Hole is designed to shorten the installation time of electrical installations for construction workers on large building projects. According to him, the long electrical installation process lies in the process of perforating walls and gypsum.

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"So, construction workers, especially for construction workers in projects such as hotels or offices, do the longest in the process of hollowing out the walls," he explained.


Drill Square Hole Design by Ilham
 (Photo : Istimewa)

This tool is designed to avoid work accidents that often make construction workers during the electrical installation process, such as the entry of material debris into the eye during the wall perforation process.

"During the electrical installation process, construction workers often experience work accidents, one of which is the entry of material debris into their eyes," he said.

This tool that made it into the top five of the best works at the National Muhammadiyah Student Competition held by the Muhammadiyah Higher Education Science and Technology Association (AST-PTM) also has other benefits, namely the results of the holes for the switch installation are tidier than using the traditional model.

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"Because I focused on shortening work time with maximum results, I designed this tool with a model that is easy to operate," he said.

This tool is equipped with a center nail, which serves as the starting center point of the perforation so that there is no shift when the perforation occurs.

"The Drill Square Hole is equipped with a center nail which makes the perforation process faster with perfect results," he completed. (apg / can)



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