DPPM Pushes Lecturers Write Textbooks

Author : Humas | Tuesday, December 06, 2016 12:04 WIB

Writing Qualified Textbook Workshop for UMM lecturers by Pro.Dr.Imam Suyitno,M.Pd

Directorate of Research and Society Service University of Muhammadiyah Malang (DPPM UMM) presented a Writing Qualified Textbook Workshop for UMM lecturers related to the importance of research publication in the form of textbook, Tuesday (6/12).

This workshop presented a Professor of Indonesian Language and Literature from State University of Malang (UM), Prof.Dr.Imam Suyitno, M.Pd and a lecturer of Indonesian study program, Dr.Hari Windu, M.Si. this event was followed by 64 lecturers who had submitted a proposal for teaching book trough intensive program which was called as Textbook Writing Program in Higher Education (IPBA PT)

IPBA PT published research of academic community of UMM trough writing textbook based on ISBN activity as the lecture reference in college and enrichment of knowledge for society.

As a lecturer, it would be unfortunate if the material taught had been used for years but it was not formed as textbook. Imam said, “ if we have been teaching for years, but we do not make it as a textbook, it is so unfortunate”.

According to Imam, a textbook should consist at least three parts, which are introduction, content, and closing part.

For him, a good textbook is a book that had been completed. "I am ready to become a consultant in your textbook writing,"

Meanwhile, Hari Windu focused on language and writing aspects.” Many lecturers think that language is not an important aspect in writing a textbook”.

Hari Windu invited all participants who attended the event to learn language in the right pattern to start writing a textbook. One thing that should be concern about was that, how to make sentence understandable and readable.

 “the sentence that is understandable and readable can be known by how how many/ how long the words used, because it will affect the understanding of the readers. Another thing is about EYD (Spelling Enhanced) such as spelling, sound, and grammer which form a sentence and drafting a paragraph”. (Can/han)



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