DPPM Accompanies Research And Community Services For LPPM IISIP Of Biak Papua

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 11, 2017 09:31 WIB

DIRECTORATE Research and Community Services(DPPM) of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) officiallycooperatedin the field of research and community service with Institute for Research and Community Service (LPPM)Institute of Social and Political Sciences (IISIP) of Yapis Biak, Papua. The MoU has been signed between UMM and LPPM IISIP of Yapis Biak atUMM DPPM office on Monday (10/4).

UMM DPPM Director Prof. Dr. Sujono, M. Kes stated that the cooperation that will be done such as mentoring journals, researches and community services proposal. Eventually, UMM will be bestari partners for IISIP of Yapis Biak. "Bestari partners an activity in which lecturer of UMM will correct researches, journals, articles and community services that will be produced by LPPM IISIP of Yapis Biak," Sujono said.

The assistance that will be done by UMM is an advantage. The reason, according to Sujono that uploaded proposal to the Higher Education’s site (Dikti) will have added value if it is read and corrected by other universities. Sujono added that the deadline for uploading a research proposal and community service on Dikti’s site was on April 2017. That means that all agreements will be directly executed from this month.

"Due to UMM has entered in independent cluster in the field of researches and community services, so the assistance that is given by UMM is a form of support to develop research on other campuses," he explained.

Not only cooperated in that research field, UMM also has provided an opportunity for IISIP of Yapis Biak to explore the possibilitiesof cooperation in the field of education. Including by giving an opportunities for graduates of IISIP to continue master and doctoral programs at UMM.

"They could finish master and doctoral program in postgraduate program of sociologymagister and doctoral programs of social and political science," Sujono said  . (Naz)



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