UMM Animal Husbandry Lecturer Producing Cow Candy, Increasing Appetite and Milk Quality

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 10, 2019 13:34 WIB
The making process of cow candy or UMB (Photo: Special)

For most people, candy is identical with sweet and attractive shape. It is different with the candy for animals, especially dairy cows. The shape is not much different from normal candy, but the function is very useful in increasing appetite and milk quality.

This innovative animal feed product was the service program research result of two Faculty of Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Lecturers University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Dr. Ir. Asmah Hidayati, MP and Dr. Ir. Khusnul Khotimah, MM, MP. This service program was held in Kemiri Village, Jabung sub-district, Malang.

Their service about cow candy or known as Urea Molasses Block (UMB) is a feed additive that can be given to livestock directly or hung. This UMB consists of feed ingredients molasses, urea, rice bran, bran, soybean meal, flour, coconut cake, gibs as adhesives, minerals, and vitamins.

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This formula is to fulfill the needs of livestock, especially dairy cattle so that the mineral vitamins and other ingredients can have a positive effect from the effect of adding these ingredients into feed ingredients. So that it can increase consumption. Therefore, it is expected that their nutrients will be fulfilled.

"Nutrition and quantity of feed being met will increase milk production. Not only toincreasethe quantity of milk production but the quality of milk production also increased," said Asmah, who currently serves as the Head of the Animal Husbandry Department at the Faculty of Agriculture and Animal HusbandryUMM Wednesday (9/10).

The increase in quantity and quality of the milk, continued Asmah, was due to the fact that UMB contained ingredients that able to stimulate the effectiveness of the enzymes, increase hormonal which could stimulate milk production. So that the quality and quantity of milk increases, especially in terms of fat and milk protein.

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This UMB is known as cow candy because it is shaped in a standard size for a cow. Of course, this UMB must be produced every day if farmers want to increase feed continuously. The obstacle in the field is that farmers want to be mass-produced while farmers only have to buy it.

Interestingly, there is also a special UMB to be licked. The shape is bigger, can be hung and the composition is slightly different. More to the mineral mix, the function will be added only to lick. "It's like chili sauce, it can increase the appetite of these animals," said Asmah.

Not onlyincreasingappetite, other positive effects of this addition if the feed ingredients are given, but the effect is also different when mixed with feed additives or added to other rations. Likewise when mixed with other additive feeds too. From the level of digestion and absorption.

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Through this UMB finding, Asmah said, this service is expected to be able to increase milk production. Moreover, it can increase theincomeandeconomic level of the breeder. "If the income of farmers increases, it will be easier for farmers to reach their goals," he said, who did a lot of services.

This service was participated by 20 breeders who will be the pioneer. Currently, the process is in accompaniment and observation, will the product was given to the breeder increasing the milk production and the quality. Thus, this product is still on process to make a perfect shape and quality in order to make it interesting and marketable. (joh)



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