UMM Forestry Lecturer got Doctor of Environmental Sciences

Author : Humas | Friday, February 01, 2019 09:23 WIB
Joko Triwanto (blue alma mater) after completing the final exam. (Photo: Special)

The functionalshift of agricultural land into residential and industrial residential areas continues to occur. The building constructions on the agricultural land made farmers experience difficulties in cultivating the land. As a result, farmers must be able to find ways to cultivate crops that have been the main livelihood.

With these conditions, Perhutani as the forest manager developed the concept of community-based forest management. One of them was the pattern of agroforestry. Farmers can cooperate to cultivate Perhutani’s production land while maintaining the main crops cultivated by Perhutani.

Departing from this phenomenon, the lecturer of the Forestry Department at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Joko Triwanto, got a doctorate in Brawijaya University Malang. He got this degree after completing doctoral studies in Environmental Sciences and took the final examination on Wednesday (23/1).

He conducted his dissertation research entitled "Sustainable Empowerment of Agroforestry Farmers in Pujon District, Malang Regency". Joko called agroforestry patterns as a system of land management by combining trees with other plants. This pattern was a solution for empowering farmers.

"Pujon as a centre for vegetable production can utilize pine forests as food reserves. In another sense, it can improve the efficiency of land management with food reserves through efforts to plant horticultural or vegetable crops, "explained the man born in Sukoharjo 59 years ago.

Joko guided by Prof. Dr. Ir. Zaenal Fanani, MS continued, besides the real impact in terms of management, in one planting, agroforestry production produced high profits and had an impact on the income of the surrounding forest communities in the management of production forest land.

"Combining forest with agriculture and at the same time, livestock has a big impact on farmers both in management and economics. Now farmers can leave to bring fertilizer for their agriculture and when they come home, bring grass from the land for their livestock," Joko added.

Support from the UMM academic community also family, he considered as a responsibility that must be resolved immediately. Besides that, his commitment by setting strictly targeted to continue writing every day, made Joko's dissertation completed no more than 7 months. Joko did not experience significant obstacles.

"That support is the mandate given to me. So that I feel responsible for completing it. I also have the motivation to write at least any 5 pages and take the time to write at least 2 hours a day, "he added.(Win)



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