HI UMM Lecturer Became A Guest Lecturer at 3 Campuses in Taiwan

Author : Humas | Wednesday, October 31, 2018 11:23 WIB
A Guest Lecture at National Kaohsiung Normal University. (Photo: Special)

FOR the third time, International Relations (HI) lecturer of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Toni Dian Effendi, M.Sc, went to Taiwan for the first time in 2015 as a guest researcher at Institute of International Relations, National Cheng Chi University. Toni obtained a Taiwan Fellowship research program sponsored by the Taiwan Government.

"Although my research base is in Taipei, but in the research process I also conducted interviews to the southern region in the Kaohsiung area," Toni explained when interviewed on Monday (10/30).

At that time, Toni conducted interviews in three places, namely National Kaohsiung Normal University, National Sun Yat Sen University and TASAT organization or Trans Asia Sister Association in Taiwan. "At that time, my research topic was about people-to-people relations between the people of Indonesia and Taiwan," explained Tony.


After returning to Indonesia, Toni continued his network and friendship with several people he met in Taiwan. The results of this activity were followed up with the initiation of International Student Service of UMM HI Department to Taiwan in 2017.

"This activity was supported by MPA or Meinong People's Association in which KKN students conducted their activities in Meinong, Kaohsiung. Previously, delegates from MPA visited Malang including to UMM," he said.

In the mid-2018, delegates from MPA returned to Malang with several young people who played traditional Ba In music at UMM. At that time they also took part in the Indonesian Independence Commemoration at UMM.

In October 2018, some of Toni's colleagues in Taiwan again invited him to come to Taiwan, especially in Kaohsiung and Meinong. Initially, Professor Lee Leong Sze from National Kaohsiung Normal University invited Toni to give a guest lecture on his campus.

"Yet in its development, there are 2 more campuses, namely National Sun Yat Sen University and Meiho University which also invited me to share the research that I did. In this guest lecture, I was invited to speak related to the development of Chinese society in Indonesia. Indeed, besides the study of HI in East Asia and Diplomacy, the study of Chinese society has become my research interest," he explained.

The first guest lecture was held at National Kaohsiung Normal University on October 23, 2018, in which Toni delivered a lecture on "Chinese Indonesian Identity and Culture Expression in Post Reform Indonesian ". On this topic, besides telling stories about Chinese society after the reformation, Toni also told about the Chinese image appeared in several films in Indonesia.

with Professor Chiu Hua-Mei and Professor Chao En-Chieh from NSYU. (Photo: Special)

The second guest lecture was held at National Sun Yat Sen University on October 24, 2018, at the Graduate Institute of Sociology program. Toni also delivered topics about Chinese in several book publications after reformation in Indonesia.

"At the beginning, I was a bit nervous because this campus is one of the best campuses in Taiwan and I know that some of the people presented at my presentation were well-known professors and also an Indonesianist professor," he said.

Because of the friendly atmosphere in the academic context, Toni was very grateful to be able to share and discuss with them and get a lot of important additional knowledge in his research.

If at National Kaohsiung Normal University and National Sun Yat-Sen University the guest lecture was attended by postgraduate students and several professors, a guest lecture at Meiho University on October 25 2018 was attended by S1 students and several lecturers. This guest lecture at Meiho University is interesting because Toni can meet semester 1 and 3 undergraduate students with warm expressions and discussions.

"I was very lucky on this opportunity because besides being able to share, I also knew the undergraduate students in Taiwan. This is my first time to come to Meiho University, located in Beipu, Pingtung, Southern Taiwan," he said. (*)



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