Foreign Lecturers Become Receptionist of UMM Graduation Ceremony

Author : Humas | Saturday, October 17, 2015 13:53 WIB
The foreign lecturer receptionists are welcoming the arrival of the Head of BPH UMM, Malik Fadjar

There was an unusual and unique sight in the graduation ceremony of UMM, this day (17/10). It was due to the foreign lecturers becoming the receptionist. “We want to have an international sensation,” said Vice Rector II, Fauzan, who suggested the idea to involve both foreign students and lecturers in all productive agenda of UMM. The reason is that they can quickly adapt to the culture of UMM.

         There are 1586 students graduating this time. There are 81 graduates of Diploma III, 1434 graduates of Bachelor program, 74 graduates of Master program, and 1 graduates of Doctoral program. Among the graduates, there are several foreign students. The number of graduates is ideal due to UMM holds 4 graduation ceremonies every year, so that the ratio of new students and graduates is almost equivalent.

        The rector of UMM, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, said in his opening speech that the graduates were confident. The reason he was optimistic is that UMM is a reputable university. It has been proven that in every admission of new student, the number of applicant is rapidly increasing.


“The graduates are the champion because you have to compete to be accepted as UMM students, so does before graduating that you also have to show the best of your academic performance,” as he said. That’s why, he asked the graduates to be grateful and give their best to their family and to the Indonesia.

        The involvement of the foreign students had been seen from the night before the graduation ceremony. UMM had been holding the Night of Art and Culture Expression (Maksidaya) every night before the graduation ceremony. At the event held by LK of UMM, the foreign students from Ukraine, Czech Republic, Romaine, Spain, Bulgaria, and US, also participated in performing Indonesian arts. They were fused with local students in the performance which is always crowded.

        “Besides welcoming the families of the graduates, this event is a part of UMM awareness in preserving Indonesian culture. While the involvement of foreign students is one of the preparation of the International Student Summit event, next month,” Fauzan asserted.

          As said by the rector in his opening speech, UMM will host 4th International Student Summit that will be attended by hundreds of foreign students who is studying in Indonesia. This event, which is a joint event with Dirjen Dikti, will involve the foreign students of UMM to be the committee and then performing cultural performance. (nas/t_rfd)


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