Urging UMM Students to Succeed, Adji Watono: If I can do, You can do also

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 27, 2018 16:26 WIB

The owner of advertisement company Dwi Sapta Grup, Adji Watono came to University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Emtek Goes To Campus (EGTC) at UMM Hall Dome on Thursday (37/9) on CEO Talk and Inspiring Practitioners session.

Running his giant company for almost 37 years, Adji keeps holding on his life principles, which are “Fight till the end”, “I must be rich”, and “I must succeed”. He struggled a lot to become the best one and be number one in everything he does.

His role model, Robert Toru Kiyosaki taught him about 4B: Think Big, Dream Big, Action Big, and Result Big. He convinced UMM students, “If I can do, you can do also”. No matter obstacles or failures they might face, never ever give up and keep on believing your dream will come true. “You must believe in yourself and have faith that you are going to be success”.

There is a book biography of Adji which tells about his career, what he had done to run his giant company, clients he met, and the strategy of success. The title of the book is “Kisah Sukses TUKANG FOTO menjadi BOSS ADVERTISING: Pengalaman 35 tahun Membangun Dwi Sapta” published in 2016.

Moreover, Adji shared about the secret about why his company still exists until now. “Digital, creativity, and ideas can lead you to succeed”. (lus)



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