Parents’ Dua Makes Syamsurijal Graduated with a Perfect GPA

Author : Humas | Monday, April 29, 2019 12:16 WIB
Syamsurijal. (Photo: Mirza/Humas)

Dua is a weapon. Moreover, the dua that given by parents to their children will be granted. This was the reason that made Syamsurijal a University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Pancasila and Citizenship Education Department Students becomes the best graduate with a perfect Grade Point Average (GPA) 4.0 in the UMM II period of the 92nd graduation ceremony.

 “Everything is due to parents’ dua, not solely my own effort,” he said. This students who have won the Teacher of the Year 2018 award from the Minister of Education for the Thailand Private School loves reading after Subuh prayer. He said that he loves to read every general knowledge related books. “Broad insight is important, moreover for the future teacher,” he said.

The students born in Raioi, Sumbawa, West Nusa Tenggara (NTB) said that he never aiming for the perfect score. He took all of his courses with maximum effort. “Whenever I am about to do anything, I will always let my parents know,” he said. After that, the son of M. Saleh and Aisah said that his parents will pray tahajud and give the dua for their son.

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When interviewed before sitting in the best graduates of university level, Syamsurjial was asked about what he feels after achieving a perfect GPA. He said that he feels surprised and don’t believe what he saw. “When my name called, I cannot believe in achieving 4 GPA,” he said. Grateful, for Syamsurijal is the key to face and achievie something in the future.

His passionin the reasoning world made himactive in faculty-level organizations, LSO Cendekia FKIP. In order to preserve the information he reads, he shares his thought in a discussion. For him, the discussion is not just a practice of speaking ability, but also can be a media for his friends in achieving new information that he knew.

According to Syamsurijal, It is necessary to have a balanced relationship with The Divine and also fellow human beings. Every single effort in this world for Syamsurijal, need to involve Allah for the smoothness and blessing. In the future, Syamsurijal eager to continue his Postgraduate study in Japan. “Japan is my dream country, I wish I can achieve it,” he said. (joh)



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