Accepted, Gets Free Tuition

Author : Humas | Monday, June 07, 2010 11:03 WIB

There are many scholarships given by UMM. One of them was Program Perluasan Akses PHKI 2010. The scholarship, given for new students who got the highest entrance test score, was in forms of tuition fee and living cost for eight  semesters. The Rector, Muhadjir Effendy, symbolically gave the scholarship, Sunday (5/30), when met and greeted new students' parents in UMM Dome.

Five of 1930 new students-would-be (cohort I) who got the scholarship were Muchammad Masruri from SMA Muhammadiyah I Malang accepted for Governmental Science, Nur Aisyah from SMA Negeri I Batu accepted for Biology department, Bagus Prawira from SMK Muhammadiyah I Kepanjen for Informatics Engineering. While two graduates of SMK Negeri 2 Batu Muhammad Choirul Anam accepted for Agrotechnology department and Ahmad Rusyadi for Food Science department.

Not only PHKI, UMM also gave a scholarship to the five highest test score. But, this scholarship did not cover all tuition as PHKI did. The Rector hoped, the students of UMM, later, would be more active to access any scholarships information.

“There are a lot of scholarship for students achieving on academic and extracurricular, or for underpriviliged students. So, take the advantages of these facilities to make the tuition more easier to get,” said Muhadjir.

Meanwhile, the Chief of Executive Agency (BPH) UMM, Prof. HA Malik Fadjar, which was present on the occasion, explained the importance of preparing future generations of UMM. Since 1983, in his tenure as the Rector, UMM has been designed to overcome the demands of time that sensitive to the changes. "The change is about to be a higher institution which is able to have its students getting their aims. Let us make a new generation who are better than the previous one," said Malik.

UMM was hoped, according to Malik, can be the educational institution that would be able to accommodate and teach the people. Thus, cooperation between parents and the university is very important. "It is a must to meet directly, at least, there are many attempts to communicate, meet and greet, and cooperate," he said. It showed that a university could not work alone without any assistance of student families.

The meet and greet between UMM and parents of new students is a tradition that has long been built. In addition, parents could also meet directly with the dean, department chiefs for a dialogue about many things. One of the most important things was the signing of a commitment between students and the university which was attended by parents to comply the student disciplines. It was also explained about the amount and tuition payment procedures to the parent.

"In students disciplines, which had been already signed, contains one of four violations of the most severe consequences of sanctions. These are fights, immoral actions, crime and drug use," explained Muhadjir. The tuition payment has been already listed in the manual payment book which was distributed to all parents. The size and method of payment is very clear, so if there is demand beyond those listed there; it should have to be communicated with UMM. (rwp/nas/t_ris)



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