Foreign Diplomats Join flag hoisting ceremony at UMM

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 17, 2017 07:29 WIB
 Some foreign diplomats joined a flag hoisting ceremony of the 72nd  anniversary of the Republic of Indonesia’s Independence Day. (Photo: Rino / Humas)

TWENTY foreign diplomats from five continents joined the flag hoisting ceremony of Indonesia’s Independance Day at Heliped of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Thursday, August 17. The participation of the twenty diplomat candidates have been learning language and culture of Indonesia through the 12th Promotion to Foreign Language and Culture for Foreign Diplomats program of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia which entrusted the Indonesian Language Unit for Foreign Speakers (BIPA) UMM to host it.

A Japanese diplomat Shunya Asano expressed her joy after following the flag hoisting ceremony. This 23-year-old young diplomat admitted the flag hoisting ceremony in Indonesia was interesting. It was due to accompaniment of national songs were sung.

"Good, there are national songs, Merah-Putih (the flag) is good. It is crowded, (I’m) happy," he said in Japanese dialect. Told Shunya, the flag hoisting ceremony of independence day in Indonesia was different from Japan. In Japan, there will be many government officials will come to join .

The diplomat who will work at the Embassy of Japan to Indonesia in Jakarta admitted the atmosphere in Malang was more fun than the Capital. "It's quieter here, the atmosphere is pleasant, and the air is cold," she said.

After three weeks in Malang, Shunya and other diplomats have been studying language (Bahasa Indonesia) for daily activities. They also have been learning vocabulary regarding to their job as diplomats. Not only learning in the classroom, they also learn about the culture outside the classroom like dancing and playing gamelan (traditional music).

In addition to joining the ceremony, the diplomats also enlivened various types of competitions. Shunya added herself and Natthakith Thaphanya, a diplomat from Laos, had followed the race of a pedal water bike on the front lake of the Joint Lecture Building (GKB) I UMM on Wednesday, August 16.

Although they did not get any victory, the spirit of both were still visible when pedaling water bike as hard as possible. "It’s very heavy, but happy, very happy," said Natthakith after pedaling. (Naz)



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