Author : Humas | Tuesday, May 05, 2015 15:17 WIB

COORDINATION: Sekda and Dinkes with sub-district health team around Malang district participated Coordination Meeting at RS UMM related to prevention of leg cuffs, Tuesday (5/5).

Health Department/Dinas Kesehatan (Dinkes) Malang District cooperated UMM Hospital to resolve the phenomenon of legcuff that conducted by family to mentally ill. Both parties held coordination meeting with head of sub district, health workers around district, at RSUMM Hall, Tuesday (5/5). The event was opened by Deputy Director of Medical Service, dr Thontowi Djauhari NS, MKes was attended by all Health officers and Community Health Center around Malang District. It was also attended by Head of Health Department (Kadinkes) Malang District, dr Abdurrachman, MKes, also secretary of Malang District, Dr Abdul Malik, SE, MSi.

Kandiknes said, in Malang District a lot of community who leg cuffed their family members who suffered mental illness. “They are still considered to be dangerous if left. In addition, people assumed if they took to hospital needed the expensive cost,” said Abdurachman.

Therefore, Dinkes Malang District held this Rakor to equalize the perception about mental illness also how to solve it. “Here we will also synchronize the data from the entire place so the data about the people who suffered mental illness and leg cuffed can be valid,” he said.

The eradication of leg cuffs in Malang, according to him, to realize the program of Health Ministry; it is Indonesia Free leg cuffs 2019. Especially in East Java, targeted December 2015 will be realized East Java free Leg cuffs. “For Malang District itself is faster, August 2015 Malang district free Leg cuffs,” said Abdurrachman.

He explained, together with Puskesmas, Nurses and hospitals in Malang district, Dinkes will socialize so community want to bring their family who is leg cuffed to be referred to hospital. “They will be referred to Mental Hospital Lawang and RS Saiful Anwar (RSSA). Of course, all the costs will be covered by Regional Health Insurance (Jamkesda). If already registered in Social Security Administrator (BPJS) Health, so it will be covered by BPJS Health,” he explained. 

Abdurachman expected community no longer use leg cuffs if there is the member of family suffered mental illness. “Just take to Hospital or report to Health officer around you, so the program of Indonesia Free Leg cuffs can be realized. If they recovered from mental illness, hope people participate to monitor their progress. If his illness recurs, don’t cuffs their leg but bring back to hospital,” he closed.  (zul/nas/t_zuh)



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