Training of State Defending for UMM Activists, Forming Future Leader Candidates

Author : Humas | Friday, August 23, 2019 14:07 WIB
Dr. Sidik Sunaryo, SH., M.Si., M.Hum., Vice Rector III of UMM congratulated all student activists after being inaugurated as administrators of UMM intra and UKM institutions. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

Student activists from the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) had the opportunity to take part in Student Leadership and Management Exercise (LKMM) activities. This moment became a valuable opportunity for student activists to deepen knowledge related to leadership and everything about managing the organization. This agenda was initiated by the UMM Student Affairs Bureau.

The event which was held for four days from 19 to 22 August was attended by all elements of the internal student organization and the Muhammadiyah autonomous organization at UMM. Starting from the Student Executive Board, Student Senate, Student Activity Unit, to the Muhammadiyah Student Association (IMM). "All of them are trained to be good leaders," explained Zainul Anwar, S.Psi, M.Psi., As chairman of the committee.

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According to Zainul, student activists had to really prepare themselves to become ideal public figures for other students. Among them were creative and critical individuals. This was trained through LKMM. This agenda was an effort of UMM in order to develop soft skills and hard skills of students who were committed to being part of the nation's change.

The LKMM participants attended the State Defending Training ceremony. (Photo: Mirza / PR)

This year, there was something new at the LKMM event, namely the State Defense Training. This training was facilitated directly by the District Regiment of Kodam V / Brawijaya Malang. The training that was given was disciplinary training and quick and appropriate decision making for civil society. The training was held at the UMM field on Thursday morning (8/22) and was followed by the inauguration of the student organization officials.

"The slogan of Muhammadiyah for the Nation is not just jargon," said Dr., Drs., H. Joko Widodo, M.Si., Rector Special Assistant for Student Planning and Development at UMM when asked to be the coach of the 2019 LKMM closing ceremony. That, he continued, was a Spirit booster to be a part of Indonesia's change starting with UMM. Unnu's slogan had to also be taken seriously.

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For Joko, a student who decided himself to be an administrator of an organization on campus meant giving himself up for the mutual benefit. The four days that were passed were not merely learning activities. Of course in the future, it had to be applied in carrying out the role of student activists. "There is nothing smarter, everyone learns. Let's get together, "said Joko. (Win)



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