35th Anniversary, FEB Exhibits Many Products

Author : Humas | Friday, May 22, 2015 14:21 WIB
Exhibiting Reptile: Apart from products, the exhibition also displays many animals; one of which is snake (22/5). 

Various products made by the students of Agriculture and Husbandry Faculty (FPP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) were exhibited at parking lot of Lecturing Building (GKB) I from Thursday to Friday (21-22/5). The exhibition held as 35th Anniversary of this faculty was crowded by numerous booths such as: Agronomy department, Agribusiness department, Food Science and Technology department, Forestry department, Fishery department, and Husbandry department.      

            “Those coming from forestry department, for example, exhibit pine-made merchandises. Various products are also created by agribusiness students such as: chocolate and coffee exhibition from each local,” said Muhammad Istiawan, the Public Relation of this event.

            Not only coming from UMM students, this event was also attended by students of Brawijaya University and State University of Malang. One of the visitors, Fany Puspita told that this such exhibition was indeed brilliant to promote many student’s products. “It is very brilliant, we could see many products from FPP students,” said her, one of Communication Studies students.

            Istiawan hoped this exhibition could encourage other FPP students to invent new products. Besides, their products could possibly be recognized by public, especially non-FPP students. 

            Dean of FPP Dr. Ir. Damat, M.P fully supported the exhibition. He also suggested to conduct further exhibition. “There should be further exhibition. I hope it can be annual exhibition to promote FPP products to public,” he explained. (zul/nas/t_stu)



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