Interreligious Dialogue PSIF UMM Cooperates with 45 Young Activists of East Java

Author : Humas | Thursday, August 31, 2017 13:47 WIB


Romo Armada during a dialogue with 45 young activists of East Java on the interreligious forum of PSIF UMM.

As many as 45 young East Java activists from different organizationsand religious backgrounds had an opportunity to tell their multicultural and multireligious stories within training forum on Interreligious Dialogue for Religious Youth Activists in East Java, August 28 at AR Fachruddin Mosque Hall of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM). This forum was initiated by Center for the Islamic Studies and Philosophy (PSIF) of UMM following the program which was attended by PSIF UMM head Pradana Boy on King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz International Center for Interreligious and Intercultural Dialogue (KAICIID) located in Vienna, Austria.

"We invite activists, especially youth to have new insights on the concept of interreligious relations. Youth should be the catalyst among the growing of  intolerance issues in society," Pradana said.

Came as a speaker in this activity Director of High School Philosophy of  Widya Sasana Malang FX Armada Riyanto and Muhammadiyah Regional chairman of Batu Nurbani Yusuf. "This dialogue is very important. itis real manifestation of the jargon 'Saya Indonesia, Saya Pancasila', "said the man who is  publicly called as Romo Armada.

According to Nurbani the dialogue was not just a matter of thought, but the dialogue of heart. Meanwhile, as a follower of samawi religion (abrahamic religions), Islam and Christianity had  many similarities. It was revealed through the story of Prophet Isa with his 12 followers who besieged by Jews 40 days without eating and drinking. "This story is the same as what is studied in Christianity. Its mean, our religion, Islam and Christianity is actually the same if we see from the side of history,"Nurbani said.

In this activity, participants from various backgrounds and religions shared experiences regarding religions, tribes, or beliefs different that had been experienced. Some students who came from Eastern of Indonesia revealed that religious tolerance in their area was not a problem. In fact, Muslims and Christians work together in various activities.

"The harmony is impossible without the distinction. Due to the distinction so there is the harmony," Pradana said. (Naz)



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