In an erratic era, Social Theory Must Also Be Changed

Author : Humas | Wednesday, February 27, 2019 14:50 WIB
Prof. Dr. Der. Soz. Rochman Achwan, MDS. (Photo: Aan / PR)

The Sociology Department of the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held an inaugural lecture with the theme "The Latest Social Science Production in the Industrial Revolution Era 4.0" at the UMM BAU Hall on Wednesday (02/27). This first lecture invited Prof. Dr. Der. Soz. Rochman Achwan, MDS., Professor of Sociology from the University of Indonesia.

According to him, from the era of horticulture, industry, information, to digital society like today, the change was inherent in society. As now, digitalization had become a part of everyday life. "So as a Sociologist, it is unlawful not to know the changes that occur in society," he continued.

He argued that to welcome the digital era or the era of Industry 4.0, we must understand the social situation we face. Due to the social role, it will affect the workings of the economy, politics and others. "If we cannot understand the social situation we are facing, we cannot understand anything," he explained.

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In the digital era, College had an important role in society. In fact, he said, many universities were flocking to become research universities. "The results of the research must be published so that it can be read by anyone. So that it can be a policy consideration for the government and society," he continued.

Rachmad K. Dwi Susilo, MA., The Head of the UMM Sociology Department said that Sociology needed to abandon old theories because the social environment of the community had begun to change. If it continues to use old theories, sociologists will be trapped in the past and cannot interpret the latest community phenomena.

Rachmad also explained the things lecturers and students can do to face with Industry 4.0. Lecturers and students must have a social theory that was favoured and mastered to see social phenomena. "Although we use western theory, when we apply it in Indonesia, we can also criticize its shortcomings," he said. (Win)



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