Police Chief of Malang Urging Students to Have Peaceful Election

Author : Humas | Thursday, October 25, 2018 09:53 WIB
Yade Setiawan Ujung, Resort Police Chief of Malang (Picture by: Mirza/ UMM PR)

  In the past six month, Malang has been afflicted by corruption done by the Mayor of Malang Mochammad Anton, 41 members of the Legislative Assembly of Malang, and the Regent of Malang Rendra Kresna. Coming from this case, Student Executive Council University of Muhammadiyah (UMM) held Anti-Corruption Seminar and Peaceful Election Declaration 2019.

The agenda opened by Vice Rector III Dr. Sidik Sunaryo, SH., M.Si., M.Hum. In his speech, Dr.Sidik described an ideal figure to be a leader. “A leader is demigod. He can bring happiness or the other way around for his people”. A leader must do all of his responsibilities by his heart and his people should assist him in taking decision.

 Yade Setiawan Ujung who is a Resort Policy Chief of Malang presented as the keynote speaker. In his speech, Yade revealed the data related to corruption. One of them is corruption index issued by the International Transparency. According to the data, the position of Indonesia is 118 out of 176 countries in the world. It means that Indonesia is a country with big corruption case.

Since the beginning of 2018, the Police office of Malang has been investigating nine corruption cases. Mostly is the corruption related to district funding. Many village leaders have no skill in managing budgets. Then, they corrupt the money for their individual needs.

Welcoming the political year 2019, the Yade who was born in Jakarta urges all students to make a peaceful election in order to make the economy and social activities run well. In the discussion session, all participants made a Peaceful Election Declaration 2019 to stop hoax, actively participate in election, and respect to the Constitution 1945. (lus)



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