Students Equiped Residents of Independent Handling Prisons Waist Pain

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 09, 2019 11:31 WIB
The instructors are giving debriefing for independent pain relief. (Photo: Special)

Low back pain can be experienced by anyone. Mainly people who sit a lot and don't move much, and often lift heavy objects. Not least the residents of the Correctional Institution (Lapas) in Malang City.

For example in the Sukun Class IIA Women's Prison, Malang City had at least 35 Correctional Guidance Residents (WBP) who experienced low back pain. Whereas in a 600-person prison, there were not physiotherapists available.

This drove the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) through the UMM Social Sciences and Physiotherapy Department institutional students on Wednesday (6/2), providing WBPs with self-management of low back pain.

"Seeing the positive response from the WBP, we hope this program can be sustainable. We recommend that a physiotherapy program is held at the Lapas clinic. If necessary, we will collaborate, "said Wofi Toyyibatul Chusna, a student.

This proposal was welcomed by one of the WBPs, Fenny. "Many WBPs here complain of back pain. It seems because the activities carried out are quite heavy, such as lifting items, gallons of water, and added to the age factor, "she said.

"I hope this program can continue in the form of cooperation between Lapas and UMM campus," she explained. In the execution, the practitioners collaborated with one of the health communities of Sportphysio UMM Physiotherapy Department.

Ali Multazam, S.Ft. M.Sc, UMM lecturer who oversaw Sportphysio UMM stated that the agenda was expected to have a positive impact on WBP. Also, it became a moment of understanding the profession of physiotherapy to the public.

"Actually physiotherapy is needed by the community because physiotherapy speaks function and movement and how to maintain the body to stay awake," explained the man who was familiarly called Azam. He also hoped that this agenda can be sustainable. (Win)



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