In IBK, Student Can be Entrepreneur

Author : Humas | Monday, March 30, 2015 17:53 WIB

STUDENT ETREPRENUER: Entrepreneur course in curriculum of each faculty not only stuck in theory, but applied even in the form of small business.  

Number of students who are concern into business made University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) seriously to prepare the student to compete. Through unit of Science and Technology Based Entrepreneurship/Iptek Berbasis Kewirausahaan (IBK) that initiated Faculty of Economy and Business (FEB) UMM, the students were also introduced with the real world of work, began from the limitation of employment, import intensity, until the relation of economic nationalism.  

Currently, according to chief of IBK Drs Wiyono MM, the percentage of entrepreneur in other countries at least 2 percent, while Indonesia still in 1,65 percent. In fact, Malaysia and Singapore each of them are already owned 5 percent and 7 percent of entrepreneur. Based on these facts, Wiyono reminded the necessity of student awareness to rise from adversity. “One of it by business of to be entrepreneur,” said the lecture of Management Department FEB UMM.   

In addition, he said, need of education in society in order to look the success of person is not to be seen on the job, while entrepreneurship is regarded unsuccessful and always being insulted. He admitted it was made students reluctant to entrepreneurship. 

“I think the community support is less. Need advocacy in community, including parents, because entrepreneurship is not necessarily directly produce,” said Wiyono. 

Therefore, through IBK FEB UMM prepare the student to be entrepreneur who can compete. IBK provides training to all students who joined and want to be entrepreneur.  

Moreover, at UMM, each faculty is required to include entrepreneurship course. This course, said Wiyono, also to support the program of Vice Rector III and Cooperation Ministry in realizing student entrepreneurs.

“The establishment of unit or community in department, faculty and university, such as IBK is required in this time,” said Wiyono.

Every student who joined in IBK received training through cooperation Gerakan Usaha Muda (Garuda). Not only that, IBK also provide post of training in every semester for cross-faculty, so all student can be entrepreneur. (nay/han/t_zuh)




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