This Developer Gave Today's Property Business Tips

Author : Humas | Tuesday, March 05, 2019 17:00 WIB
Deddy Indrasetiawan (holding a microphone) President Director of PT. Citra Kebun Mas. (Photo: Rino / PR)

Deddy Indrasetiawan President Director of PT. Citra Kebon Mas gave tips property business to 6 thousands of students at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM), Tuesday (3/5). Deddy was appointed as one of the speakers in the Property Literacy Talkshow event held by Bank BTN at the UMM Dome Hall.

The millennial generation currently had limited savings. Admittedly, this condition was an obstacle to the millennial generation in starting a property business. Even if seen, the property business was currently very promising. "Only about 3 per cent of Indonesians have become property entrepreneurs. So there aren't many rivals, "he said.

According to Deddy, the millennial generation did not need to think about large capital to start a property business. Even Deddy claimed, even without capital, young people can start a property business. "Young people today can do business without capital by becoming property agents," he explained.

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Called Deddy, there were many ways to become a property entrepreneur. "We can use properties that have been owned for rent. For example, at home there are empty rooms, we can rent them as boarding houses. We don’t need to build a house first, then it can be used as a business, "advises Deddy.

The current generation, continued Deddy, was indeed required to think creatively. In the property business, creative thinking was also needed to create a business plan concept, in addition, to having to look for potential land. Therefore, millennials can do business with the availability of small capital through investors.

Deddy also shared tips on marketing the property business. As a generation that was media literate, Deddy continued, millennials can easily find the desired property information, because it was usually marketed through digital marketing like Facebook Ads or through other social media platform marketing features.

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Deddy said, indeed in starting a property business had its own challenges. Such as people's erratic purchasing power, land availability and licensing. However, Deddy invited the millennial generation especially UMM students from various majors to not be afraid when starting a property business.

"Don't be afraid to become a property business developer. There are still many opportunities that we can take, to start a business. Moreover, the need for housing is high and has become a basic necessity, while the number of developers is still limited. So the property business is indeed very promising, "He said.

Besides Deddy, another panellist who was lined up at the event and at the same time the signing of the memorandum of cooperation between UMM and Bank BTN namely Modalku Startup Director Sigit Aryo Tejo. Sigit gave an overview of Indonesian startup businesses while sharing tips on business innovation in FinTech's financial services. (Win)



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