New Deans of UMM Asked to Appear in Front Line

Author : Humas | Tuesday, October 03, 2017 14:04 WIB
UMM Rector Fauzan and UMM Daily Executive Agency Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar MSc congratulates the new deans.

UNIVERSITY of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) just inaugurated new deans of ten faculties. The inauguration was conducted by UMM Rector Fauzan at UMM Auditorium on Monday (2/10), it was attended by the leaders, lecturers and employees of UMM, as well as some invited guests.

Fauzan in his mandate remark hoped that the new deans could directly step forward to work and innovate for UMM development. "Like a praying Friday, we must be in front of shaf (line),  Insya Allah (God willing), this will be more meaningful," he explained.

The Rector also asserted a mandate in UMM should be appreciated as a media struggle, in accordance with the dream of this campus founders. "At UMM, if not dedicated as a struggle, then it will bekisinan (ashamed), will regret it because the struggle is the core of this campus," he said.

Moreover, Daily Executive Agency chairman (BPH) UMM Prof. Dr. Malik Fadjar MSc admitted very proud of UMM that has performed a good achievement within universities in Indonesia. For Malik, it was not be separated from the spirit of the campus movement.

"Because its spirit is movement, UMM people are those who always to think positive and having a future-oriented.We must be able in maintaining dreams and expectations.That is the spirit of Indonesia, as the spirit of this campus," said this member of the Presidential Advisory Council  after the inauguration.

The ten deans that just been inaugurated would lead within period of 2017-2022. They were Islamic Studies Faculty (FAI) Dean Prof. Dr. Tobroni MSi, Social and Political Sciences Faculty (FISIP) Dean Dr. Rinikso Kartono MSi, Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Faculty (FPP) Dean Dr. Ir David Hermawan MP IPM.

Furthermore, Teacher Training and Education Faculty (FKIP) Dean Dr Poncojari Wahyono MKes, Law Faculty (FH) Dean Dr. Tongat SH MHum, Engineering Faculty Dean (FT) Dr. Ahmad Mubin MT, Economics and Business Faculty (FEB) Dean Dr. Idah Zuhroh MM.

Meanwhile, Psychology Faculty Dean Muhammadi Salis Yuniardi MPSi PhD, Medical Faculty (FK) Dean Dr. dr Meddy Setiawan SpPD and Health Sciences  Faculty (FIKES) Dean Faqih Ruhyanudin MKep SpKepMB. (Naz)



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