Deddy Mizwar Comes to White Campus

Author : Humas | Thursday, November 19, 2009


         There was an important guest arrival at UMM, Deddy Mizwar who is an important figure of Indonesian film industry. He also served as BP2N (National Film Advisory Board). Saturday, October 24, 2009, screening and discussion going around campus was held by Kine Club Student Activity Unit in cooperation with University Student Executive Board. Held at theater room of UMM Dome, the show was begun at 09.00 a.m. of Western Indonesia Time. The first session was for screening film titled Identitas (Identity) and the second session was for film discussion right at 15.30 p.m.

              Film Screening and discussion was attended by Deddy Mizwar as Identitas film producer, Aria Kusumadewa as a director and Drs. Farid Rusman M.Si as the speaker. Participants who attended this event were about 200 people from various circles starting from teachers, lecturers, Senior High School students, university students of Malang, and film communities in Malang.

             Vikki, the Chief of Kine Club said that the purpose of this event was to enhance and appreciate a work of film to public in local regions, especially now there are many film enthusiasts in Malang City especially from UMM students. Participants of the discussion were very enthusiastic with the event because they could meet directly with a highly respected figure in the world of Indonesian cinema, Deddy who also became the hero main character of Naga Bonar who has a high nationalism.

             In that occasion, Deddy gave a message to all filmmakers and young filmmakers in attendance, "If you make a film, the idea should be an original one. Do not imitate ideas which had already been on the market. Indie film should be able to show its spirit, able to discuss ideas in making the movie," he said.

            "You as young filmmakers of indie films should not be whiny. Do not complain intermittently. You are indie men. So, where is your independence? There should be spirit in you when you are making a film. Learn continually, do not be afraid, and be sturdy on your idea," he said with applause from all the participants.

            Meanwhile, Aria Kusumadewa said, "Film Identitas for me personally is a form of learning. I think identity is a form of self existence. It is not for the sake of others, but more for my self.

            Vikki added, "I hope that through this event, there would be a new outlook in a work of a film. Besides, by the presence of prominent Indonesian film industry figures that come to the local regions, thus new spirit would be raised by the filmmakers. Vikki gave a little message. "Do not shout about your movie, but take an action," said student of Communication Science '08.(san/t_alf)





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