UMM Appeal: Attracting more Foreign Citizens

Author : Humas | Saturday, February 28, 2015 13:13 WIB
Get fond of: Foreign students and faculties are flock coming to UMM to collaborate with. UMM is one of private universities which is always visited by many foreigns from various countries. 

University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) increasingly attracts both foreign students and faculties. As a evidence, this early year they flocked coming to this university to establish collaborative event along with UMM students, faculties, and surrounding society nearby. There was also increasing number of comparative study and internship done by UMM in other countries. 

UMM Rector Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP indeed urged to widen and realize an International Collaboration instead of merely stopping on collaboration manuscript. “It is the time to strengthen a trust from other countries. We have to acquire that international recognition,” said rector before sending creator team of ethanol-fueled car FT UMM in International Competition of Shell Eco-Marathon Asia (SEMA) 2015 in Manila, Philippine, on last Saturday.  

In adjacent period (February, red), many departments and faculties in UMM have also sent students and faculties to many countries. They participated an exchange program to widen their International experiences. They were: FISIP, FEB, FIKES, FH, FKIP, and indeed staffs of UMM Hospital.

“It is a part of replying internship for they ever participated in sit-in or our internship program,” said Dean of Health Faculty, Yoyok Bekti Prasetyo, M.Kep, Sp.Kom as departing staffs and students to Thailand, Taiwan, and Philippine.

In another occasion, after a Learning Express program participated by 25 Singapore students last year, there were 16 people from 11 countries coming to UMM to participate in internship program. For at least 1 semester, they have to learn Bahasa Indonesia and become volunteer to teach various courses in regular classes. Eleven countries participating in this program covers Uzbekistan, Italy, France, Slovakia, Venezuela, Romania, Hungary, Poland, Ukraine, Spain, and Portugal. Meanwhile, through AIESEC there were eight people from Swiss, Iran, Slovakia, and Pakistan.

Assistant Rector of Overseas Collaboration, Suparto, explained that most internship participants were friends of UMM students sent to various countries in exchange program. The rest were interested in UMM offer through website.

“They have motive since in Europe a master graduate will be accepted in work if they have participated in overseas internship program. Meanwhile, in Uzbekistan a master graduate who participates in overseas intership program for at least 3 years could continue his or her doctoral study by merely working on dissertation,” said Suparto.

In addition, a follow-up program of Learning Express with Singapore Polytechnic will be continued and added by participants from Kanazawa Technical College Japan this March. 25 Singapore students and 16 Japan students guided by UMM students will participate this program in Batu. Interestingly, they will role as KKN students in Indonesia having duty to guide surrounding society to develop their UKM potency such as: developing chip technology, milk candy, worm faming, and tingting jahe.

Pre-service Training Program for American volunteers also prolonged. In mid-March, there will be 67 Americans participating a training for 10 weeks before teaching in many schools in various districts. The program is follow-up program from previous programs.

Suparto explained there were two new collaboration scheme: Tricities Program and Erasmus Plus. Tricities is student exchange program for learning collaborative business between UMM students (Indonesia), Ho ci Min (Vietnam), and Bangkok (Thailand). “It is special program for students of Economy and Business Faculty (FEB) to participate in internship program from various industry and business regulations in another country to develop industry and business in native country. One example is learning export-import,” said Suparto as explaining UMM readiness to face ASEAN Economy Community (MEA).

Erasmus Plus program is different from Erasmus Mundus which has been established in UMM. Erasmus Mundus provides student or faculty exchange between UMM and consortium of European Universities while Erasmus Plus provides exchange between university and university (U to U). By now, there are three universities to visit: Minho University (Portugal), Murcia University (Spain), and Lavia University (Latvia).

Insya Allah UMM is such conducive university for foreign citizens so that they will always want to come back,” Suparto ended proudly. (nas/t_stu)



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