UNCP: From Palopo to Learn University Management (MPT)

Author : Humas | Friday, February 06, 2015 14:59 WIB
Sharing: Dean of Engineering Faculty, Sudarman (right) as sharing his experiences in UMM early development. He was accompanied by Rector of University of Cokroaminoto Palopo (UNCP), South Sulawesi in meeting room of Vice Rector I (6/1)

Today (6/2) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has welcomed the guest from University of Cokroaminoto Palopo (UNCP), South Sulawesi. The entourage consisted of Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans, and all Department Chiefs. They were welcomed in meeting room of Vice Rector I UMM by Vice Rector III UMM, Dr. Diah Karmiati, Psi.

            UNCP Rector, Dr. Ir, Suaidi hoped that this visit will inspire all faculties to improve UNCP. “We have heard UMM thousand times. We would like to learn University Management (MPT) from UMM,” said him.

            As university in sub-district area, UNCP is regarded as fast growing university. Currently, this university has 11 departments and 8.000 active students. The reason why they conducted this comparative study was due to numerous achievements of UMM.

            Vice Rector III UMM expressed her gratitude towards UNCP. For her, every visit was silaturahmi for progress. “We also need to learn much from other universities,” said Diah.

            In a dialogue guided by Head of UMM Public Relations, Nasrullah, UNCP asked a lot related to student managements, energy management, Agriculture Department, and Internship programs. Vice Rector III accompanied by Dean of FT Sudarman, Dean of FPP Damar, and Head of Academic Administration Bureau Dwi Priyo Utomo explained that UMM was not instantly developed. She mentioned one of figures witnessing UMM early development, who was Sudarman.    

            “Mr. Darman is indeed the early generation of UMM witnessing how young faculties at that time worked countless time. It also happened in Mr. Damat’s generation, it was such a shame to go home earlier than Rector. Indeed, at that time Rector always went home in a late night,” told Diah.

            Related to student managements, Diah explained that UMM has managed it very well. Student’s tradition to maintain achievements without getting conflicts is established through various events. “Starting from Student’s Admission, P2KK, Student Day, Rector Cup, and student’s dormitory management. We always intensively monitor them,” added her.

            It was interesting things for UNCP. Student managements are indeed very important to avoid many conflicts among students. (nas/t_stu)  



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