Danrem and Mahfud MD Provided an Ideology to UMM 2018 New Students

Author : Humas | Monday, September 03, 2018 15:45 WIB

Members of Chairman the Steering Board of Ideology Pancasila Development Agency, Mahfud MD greeted new students of 2018 


The opening of Introduction of Studies to New Student (Pesmaba) 2018/2019 was officially began with a ceremony on University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) Helipad, Monday (3/9). Pesmaba is an official activity held annually by UMM to introduce campus life from the academic, extracurricular to the facilities. 


During the ceremony, 083 Military Resort Commander / Baladhika Jaya Colonel Inf Bagus Suryadi Tayo as the ceremony inspector advised the new students about the various challenges in this technological development era. He told about drugs and the use of social media which functions are misused, for example, the means to spread hoax and open up opportunities for developing new understandings of radicalism.


 "I want to invite you all as the next generation to be wiser in addressing the development of science and technology, especially information technology," he said.


After the opening ceremony enlivened with the Red Suit Mob with a Red-White nationality, KH Ahmad Dahlan, UMM Logo, Students Today Leaders Tomorrow, Indonesian Map and Pray for Lombok formation, the event was continued in UMM Dome. Opened by a video presentation of UMM Rector arrival which was packaged by riding a special plane, the event was filled with scientific speeches by Members of Chairman the Steering Board of Ideology Pancasila Development Agency, Mahfud MD. 


In his greeting, Mahfud advised new students that the world of lectures should be utilized as well as possible, not only pursuing a degree but also becoming sujana, the ones who are virtuous and wise. "Don't feel satisfied to be a bachelor, be a bachelor who is not only smart but good minded and hearted," said Mahfud.


Mahfud also emphasized the importance of noble character that students must have it. According to him, it is not rare for government officials who are scholars but do not have sujana. One of the effects caused widespread corruption. He also praised A. Malik Fadjar, a former rector of UMM, who was trusted to hold a ministerial position several times as an inspirational figure for the youth generation. 


"Mr. Malik must be taken as a role model. Because of his cold hand he raised UMM, became Minister of Religion, Minister of National Education of Indonesia, Coordinating Minister for People's Welfare, and members of the Presidential Advisory Council. "Mr. Malik is smart. Every time the media quotes his opinion. The officials also often come to consult but his attitude is still friendly," he added.


UMM Rector, Fauzan, said that the presence of Colonel Inf Bagus Suryadi Tayo and Mahfud MD was expected to inspire new students. He also gave an example of University Student Executive Board (BEMU) and University Senate (Semu) which could be a platform for training the leadership spirit.


"We hope that in the future you will be here, becoming the Chairman of BEMU to initiate the steps as a statesman. Mr. Mahfud is in our midst to share inspiration with the all of you, at least like him, whether men or women who will become a leader of this nation," he said. 


In the new academic year of 2018/2019, UMM has received 7,500 new students with 100 foreign students from 30 countries. During the next four days Monday (3-6 / 9), they will attend various series of events to accelerate the process of adaptation to campus life. (UMM Public Relations)




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