Damkar Malang Simulates Evacuation in UMM

Author : Humas | Monday, April 20, 2015 11:20 WIB

All the member of fire brigade Malang prayed before exercise, Friday (17/4)

For the first time, University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) became training place for technical Implementation Unit (UPT) Fire Brigade (Damkar) Malang. Started from Thursday until Friday (16-17/4), total of 40 staff weww divided into two groups were trained in UMM lake. This exercise also involved the students that joined in Student Activity Unit (UKM) Division of Student Nature Lover (Dimapa) UMM.

The Chief of UPT Damkar Malang, Suharto ST said, UMM was chosen because this campus very representative to be training place for water evacuation, especially flood. “UMM has lake that supports us to exercise this evacuation,” said Harto. Various equipments were used such as inflatable boat also rented to Dimpa. “We don’t have the tools, some of it we rented to UMM,” he said.

He said, Damkar not only focused to fire accident, but various natural disasters such as flood or land slide, Damkar must be able to help disaster management and evacuation if needed. “Indeed, Malang is not potential for large flood as other city, but Malang must be aware for landslide,” he said.   

Settlement in Malang, he added, mostly in mountain slope or riverbanks. So, if there is heavy rain, so possible some location eroded by rain then resulting landslide. “Remembering Malang in the highland, public awareness must be improved about the potency of natural disaster,” said Harto.

He expected, through this exercise can improve the ability of Damkar to work in various dangers that will be faced. “This training is also to improve our service for society when needed,” said Harto.  

The training that conducted by Damkar Malang also attracted the attention of some students who passed UMM lake. Fandi example, student of Communication Department admitted there was some entertainment from the presence of Damkar.  

“I think there is fire because there are two fire trucks in campus. Oh there is exercise here. It can be entertainment and object for photo hunt,” said student who also the member of Semi-Autonomous agency (LSO) Jufoc UMM. (zul/nas/t_zuh)



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