FDI Coaching Clinic, Student's Opportunity as Citizen Reporter

Author : Humas | Monday, May 11, 2015 15:22 WIB

CHOACHING CLINIC: Editor of Citizen Reporter Harian Surya, Tri Hatma Ningsih, as delivering materials in choaching clinic (journalist and literacy training) held by Student's Activities Unit (UKM) Scientific Discussion Forum, UMM.

For students interested in spending a share time as citizen reporter, Student’s Activities Unit (UKM) Scientific Discussion Forum (FDI) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) has opened actualization chance through coaching clinic held on Saturday (9/5). FDI presented editor of Citizen Reporter in Harian Surya Newspaper, Tri Hatma Ningsih.

            Located in Multimedia room on first floor of Mosque. AR Fachruddin UMM, the coaching clinic was focused on journalistic and literacy training for students interested in writing. This event was cooperated with social responsibility corporate of Harian Surya.

            Different from common journalistic training, according to Chief II of FDI UMM Sakinah Nur Rokhmah materials presented in the training were bottom-up in which all raised topics were from participant’s questions. “All participants are demanded to ask though. Then, the speaker will explain the ideas how to write an ideal writing,” said her.    

            The participants should own original writing. In this event, those original writings were directly revised by experts. “Ttherefore, we limit the participants to create an effective situation,” she added.

            Relating to raised theme, which is “Reveal a Critical Thinking through Journalist”, this event was aimed to reveal youth’s critical thinking. Accordingly, students could share their inspiration through a better way. Journalist is one of the effective ways to share an opinion or critic.

            Despite being mostly concerned on citizen reporter, all speakers also shared many valuable insight such as tips for sending an opinion to media. The presented materials consisted of media writing rules, 5W+1H questions, and inverted pyramid theory. The writing rules were rather pointed on how to write an interesting and valuable writing. (han/t_stu)



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