Creating a Working Concrete Action Step ', UMM Is Ready to Send FIKES Alumni Working in Japan

Author : Humas | Wednesday, July 04, 2018 15:50 WIB
Director of Mate-Care Japan Kamimura Yoichiro was delivering his presentation


international cooperation established by University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) is not only providing international experience during a student but also facilitating thealumni in the world of international work.

This time, through the signing of memorandum of understanding and launching of the Internship Program in Japan on Wednesday (4/7), UMM officially followed up the program of alumni worker of Nursing Science Program of Faculty of Health Sciences UMM at several shelters Mate Care Japan which will be implemented on 2019.

On this occasion, Japanese Director of Mate-Care Kamimura Yoichiro said that,Japan is currently short of manpower in several jobs such as teacher training, shipping techniques, informatics engineering, tourism and health.

Therefore, employment opportunities especially for the alumni of Nursing UMM is widelyopened. Especially in this cooperation contract, the alumni of Nursing Sciences will work for 5 years in Japan with salary of about 25 million/month.

"In the next few months, Japan will open opportunities to work not only in the health sector but also in other areas such as shipping and tourism," he explained.

Furthermore, thiswarm personal guyalso expressed his highest appreciation to UMM for this cooperation. He admitted that he has had many meetings with several universities in Indonesia, but only UMM which is immediate and ready to welcome the cooperation.

"We have done a lot of cooperation, but I am very proud and amazed with the seriousness of UMM in developing job opportunities for the alumni," said Yoichiro.

Meanwhile, Head of KBA Unit of UMM, Sri Hartiningsih,welcomed Mate-Care Japan's trust to UMM to prepare health workforce, especially in preparing the ability of Japanese Language which will be stock.

"I welcome the continuation of this Japanese study program.I hope for the early stages,all FIKES students can get the basics knowlegde of Japanese language," said the lecturer of English Education UMM.

As an early stage,for preparingalumni to join Mate-Care Japan, UPT KBA UMM is openinga special class of FIKES alumni who want to learn Japanese for eight months.

"To accelerate the process of language learning, KBA facilitates FIKES UMM alumni to be able to learn Japanese intensively for eight months," said Harti. (ard)



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