Creating VRS Android Version Application, UMM Students Make the Community Easier to Train Interview Skills in English

Author : Humas | Monday, July 02, 2018 13:44 WIB

Working indefinitely is the right vision for Moh Kholilurrahman Jailani. Being a student of English Department of Faculty of Teacher Training and Education Program (FKIP) at University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) made him sensitive to the situation that often experienced by his contemporaries, especially those related to English.

"We have minimal practice for the subject of interview. though I see who has problems during the interview so much. Not only students but also the community," said Mamang, Kholilurrahman's familiar name, on Saturday (30/6).

This anxiety was recognized by Mamang. He felt since he was in semester 4. He also tried to formulate an idea to create an application and poured the idea in the Student Creativity Program Written Ideas (PKM GT). Unfortunately, luck is still not aligned then. Mamang did not pass the selection.

This failure did not necessarily make Mamang despair. He also continued the idea with the help of three students from Informatics Engineering Faculty of Engineering UMM namely Ahmad Hamdani, Amruzi Nugrahadiawan, and Syauqi Hidayatul Hakim. Applications that are named Virtual Reality System is finally realized.

What is special, this tool not only can be used for
English students but also the general public. "This tool is available to make it easier for English students to answer interviews. It could also be useful for the general public who want to apply for work," said Mamang.

In operation, this application requires VR Glasses tool that can be purchased online starting from the price range Rp 50.000-Rp 300.000. Its use is also quite easy. Just download the Virtual Reality System app on the Play Store, then connect with VR Glasses tool, automatically on the user's VR Glasses screen as if it were in an interview room with an inteviewer.

The interviewer will ask some questions. Any questions answered will get a certain score. The score appears according to the accuracy of pronunciation and user intonation.

In this application, there are also three interview sessions about self-knowledge, company, and work loyalty. All questions like interviews in general, like what is commonly used in various companies and agencies.

"Each question is worth 10, if the answer is less clear then it is worth 5, and if not answered is worth 0. The time given to answer a question is 30 seconds," he said.

Made with a special design, this application is very friendly for android owners. Currently, the original man from Pamekasan is being intensively introduced his homemade applications. He also plans to immediately enter this application in the Play Store.

"So, it can be downloaded and useful for anyone in need," (ard)



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