Love Al Quran, This Hafidzah Got The Best Graduate

Author : Humas | Sunday, December 01, 2019 12:16 WIB
Dewi Nur Diana. (Photo: Mirza/PR)

Balancing the academic and spirituality was not easy especially for teenagers. But not for Dewi Nur Diana, a student of the Faculty of Islamic Studies in Arabic Education, the best graduate of Muhammadiyah University of Malang (UMM) Period IV of 2019 succeeded in proving that the two things could go hand in hand.

Besides got the GPA of 3.97, Diana, her nickname, also succeeded to memorize 30 juz of the Qur'an. Hafidzah, the daughter of Mr Aimadudin and Mrs Mukhlisah, had also participated in various competitions in the field of Musabaqah Tilawatil Quran (MTQ). He also won several achievements, like won first place in the Al-Qur'an Festival Muhammadiyah College - Aisyiyah National Level.

According to Diana, taking part in an MTQ Competition was one of the recipes for keeping her memorized. "In addition, every day muroja'ah half juz after dawn prayer and evening prayer. Once a month, I also take part in sema'an activities in Malang City and muroja'ah in MTQ UKM”.

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Diana's love for the Al Qur’an, she admitted, did not just appear. This story began when he was 12 years old and began studying in the Islamic Boarding School for memorizing the Qur’an Integrated Islamic Middle School of Ibnu Abbas Klaten, Central Java. The father wanted the third daughter of five siblings to become memorizers of the Qur’an. But unfortunately, Diana did not have the same interests.

"Before that, I only wanted to enter the Islamic Boarding School, there was no desire to memorize. However, because there were obliged to memorize, I finally forced myself. In fact, it enjoys and be able to finish until the end, "said Diana.

Not a little for the memorizers of the Qur'an felt the difficulty of being committed to keeping memorization. This was also recognized by Diana. According to him, keeping memorization, cannot be only occasionally without being repeated. All had to also be practised. In addition, time management and the ability to balance the rhythm of daily activities were also key, so that other aspects such as the academic world, for example, were not neglected. "Various methods must be done," added Diana, who was also often asked to be a judge in various tahfidz competitions.

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After completing her undergraduate studies, Diana hoped that she could continue to the Undergraduate Level 2 Department of Teacher Training in Arabic. She also wanted the knowledge she had could immediately be implemented immediately with a maximum. One day, she also wanted to become the Director of an Islamic Boarding School for memorizing the Qur’an.

"At least be the wife of the director of the Islamic Boarding School. Have a foundation, then develop it like Daddy. Father himself manages the Rahmatan Lil Alamin Institution, from Integrated Islamic Early Childhood Education, Integrated Islamic Kindergarten, and Integrated Islamic Elementary School Cinta Islam. I am now in the same vision as my father. if in the Qur’an, this is my path to appeal to Allah. Especially when looking at the home environment, my father and I want to educate the environment around us with the Qur’an, "she concluded. (win)



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