China Corner UMM Provides Summer Camp Scholarships Up to Master and Doctorate

Author : Humas | Thursday, February 09, 2017 13:06 WIB

Less than a year standing, precisely on May 2016, China Corner UMM has demonstrated the importance of gait. The institute was a forum for UMM students who wanted to learn about Chinese culture and continued the education to the Bamboo Curtain country.

The head of Foreign Relations Office (KHLN) UMM, Dr. Abdul Haris, MA said that, the basic program of China Corner was to give scholarships to students through the summer camp program to further studies, master and doctoral degrees. The requirement was not complicated, which was registered as a student of Confucius Institute by contributing to learn Mandarin in China Corner up to have certification at a certain level.

For summer camp, the targets must be achieved was second level, daily conversation. As for the master or doctoral program, the target level was fourth which included academic conversation. Related to the summer camp, UMM students were given opportunity to learn the language and Chinese culture directly in the taget country for a month.

"Students in the 1 to 4 semesters can follow the course up to 2nd level in order to join the summer camp. However, for the students over sixth semester did not matter to follow a course up to 4th level. Thus, after thesis completed and passed undergraduate, could be directly set off to China for the master program," explained Harris.

In addition, China Corner’s coodinator, Karina Sari, said that, in the midd of this year China Corner would bring about 50 students to Tiongkok for the Summer Camp. “It’s amazing. It has not been a year standing, China Corner has already prepared for 50 students to go to China. Before leaving, they will  have a final test on March from the course they took,” said Karina.

This mandarin course was directly guided by teacher from Confusius Institute which was a foundation owned by government directly leaded by the vice president of Tiongkok Republic. “There are twice meetings in a week. China Corner provides the schedule and the students adjust it,” Karina explained.



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