Chamamah Soeratno: Brilliant and Persistent Fighting Against Stagnancy

Author : Humas | Sunday, December 07, 2014 01:41 WIB
Main event of 50th Anniversary of UMM along with 102nd Anniversary of Muhammadiyah was colored by handover of UMM Award for 8 Muhammadiyah Figures who had immense contribution for the nation. UMM Rector, Prof. Dr. Muhadjir Effendy, MAP, handed these awards before more than 5.000 audiences in UMM Dome, Sunday (07/12). Short Profile of one of these figures, who is Prof. Dr. Hj. Siti Chamamah Soeratno is presented as follows:

SITI Chamamah Soeratno was born in Kauman, Yogyakarta January 24th, 1941. She was Chairman of Aisyiyah Central Board in two terms during 2000-2010. Chamamah is well-known as Aisyiyah figure having high concern on socio-cultural phenomena. For her, a leader should be clever, passion, and persistent in guiding society.

        According to Emha Ainun Najib, Chamamah is pluralism symbol. Chamamah is indeed expert in Malay Literature Study from University of Gadjah Mada (UGM) having open-minded perspective. She is also friendly in socializing to others and always inspires society to aware of human needs toward culture and surroundings.

        Since her childhood, Chamamah had accustomed to live in discipline and independent by her parents, KH Hanad Noor and Hj Juhariah. Her education was started in Elemntary School Ngupasan and Junior High School of Putri Muhammadiyah in Yogyakarta. He then continued her study in Senior High School in the same city.

        After graduating from Senior High, she enrolled into Literary Faculty of UGM for her bachelor degree and Institute of Social Science, Ecole des Hautes Etudes en Science Sociales in Paris, France for her master. After receiving her master, she was back to UGM to get her doctoral degree with cross-country dissertation research covering Netherland, German, England, and Italy. From this university, she received professor degree in Culture Study Faculty. Her awareness toward this discipline study is widely considered by public, especially for two Indonesianists guiding her research, who are Prof. Dr. Denys Lombard as working on her thesis in France and Prof. Dr. A Teeuw as working on her dissertation in UGM.  

        As expert in Malay Literature Study, Chamamah was trusted as department secretary of Arabic Literature, Head of France Literature Department, and Dean of Culture Science Faculty in UGM. She ever taught in many universities outside UGM such as Economic Study Institute (STIE) Family Foundation of Pahlawan Negara (YKPN), Aisyiyah Medical Science Institute (STIKES) Yogyakarta, State University of Yogyakarta (UNY), University of Sebelas Maret (UNS) Surakarta, Indonesia Art Institute (ISI) Yogyakarta, State University of Diponegoro (Undip) Semarang, Academy of Information and Communication (Amikom) Yogyakarta, University of Wangsa Manggala Yogyakarta (now University of Mercu Buana), IAIN Sunan Kalijaga and IAIN Wali Songo Semarang (now UIN), and University of Gunadarma Jakarta. She ever also became faculty in Indonesia Social and Cultural Studies in Universiteit Leiden, Netherland.   

        Related to her achievements in Muhammadiyah, she had involved herself in autonomous organization, which is Nasyiatul Aisyiyah (NA) and became Chairman of this organization in 1965. Three years later in 1968, she started involving herself in Central Board of Aisyiyah. She held many precious positions such as treasure, secretary, vice chairman, and chairman in two terms during 2000-2005 and 2005-2010.

        Apart from her position in Aisyiyah, she also became member in International Conference on Religion and Peace. Due to her education, she often became inviting lecture to give general lecture in many countries. She had also published many books, research reports, academic papers, and articles related to Literary and Cultural Studies. They were written in Bahasa Indonesia, English, and also French. Currently, Chamamah has known as woman leader with high degree of intelligence and humanism. (han/t_stu)





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