Create Record, Rector Cup is Followed by 1.257 Participants

Author : Humas | Tuesday, April 28, 2015 15:36 WIB

Rector Cup event 2015 University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) officially closed by Vice Rector III, Dr. Diah Karmiyati, Psi at UMM Dome, Saturday night (25/4). Event with theme “Kompetisi Sehat, Demi Martabat” held throughout the month of March to April.

Rector Cup was competed 21 competitions, divided into 4 areas; there are sport, art, self-defense and reasoning. Unsparing, this activity was followed by 1.257 participants from various faculties at UMM. 

“This is the biggest competition and created a record with the most participants,” said PR III.

Rotating trophy was won by Faculty of Social and Political Science (FISIP). PR II Drs. Fauzan, MPd gave the trophy to Dean of FISIP, Dr Asep Nurjaman, MSi.

Closing of Rector Cup was enlivened by music “Kotak Musik” from UKM-Ikabama which presented the guest star Atlesta. Different with last year, closing in this time was held at night in the Hall of UMM Dome.

Before music time, the event was begun by final competition of basketball that competed women party, team of Law Faculty VS Faculty of Economic and Business which was won by Faculty of Law, while for men party were from Team of FEB VS Faculty of Technical Engineering which was won by FT.  

In basketball competition run existing from both of teams that competed hardly and fun made all supporters became tenser and applause of supporters made the atmosphere livelier. In 2015 that has the right to bring a rotating trophy as the general winner achieved by Faculty of Social and Political Science, the 2nd winner is Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, and the last winner is Faculty of Economic and Business.

In addition, for the best supporter achieved by FKIP and the second is FT. For the best organizer of Student Activity Unit (UKM) achieved by UKM Basketball followed by UKM Football and 3rd winner achieved by UKM Volleyball. (dil/nas/t_zuh)



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