Created Teachers with Global Insight Through Internships and Community Service Program International

Author : Humas | Friday, June 14, 2019 09:03 WIB
One of the International internship students 3 was teaching. (Photo: Special )

Starting until 2019, the Faculty of Teacher Training and Education (FKIP) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) had sent students four times to carry out international internship 3 to Thailand.

Since 2015, FKIP UMM had collaborated and sent students to teach in Thailand. The visit of 12 Thai senators (members of parliament) that was led by General Dr. Tuang Antachai (Former Chief of Army / Gen.Udomchai Tammasarorat) on 10 August 2018 to UMM confirmed this FKIP collaboration.

This internship in Thailand is held every June. During a full month, students carried out teaching practice activities in schools. Students carried out internships at schools that were members of the Thailand Muslim Education Development Association (MEDAT) which was a school organization consisting of elementary, middle and high school members in all regions of Thailand.

"Because of harmonious cooperation, FKIP sends 45 to 55 students every year from six study Departments (English, Indonesian, Primary Teacher Education, Biology, Mathematics and Civic Law) to four provinces in Thailand which is Bangkok, Satun, Krabi and Songklha," said Nur Widodo, Head of Internship at FKIP.

Through this internship 3, continued Nur Widodo, students conducted teaching activities. Whatever the background of their discipline, they will teach English, Indonesian culture and language, scouting, and other extra-curricular lessons.

Starting in 2018 this Internship 3 activity was combined with the Community Service Program (KKN). Therefore, the duration of the program increased one month, so student internships and KKN end in August. With the incorporation of this internship and KKN, students were increasingly free in designing and implementing community activities.

"Through this joint program, students are able to develop school cooperatives, introduce various regional cultures in Indonesia, such as puppet arts, angklung, batik jumput and others. There is even a group of students who move reading and literacy through the mobile library," said Nur Widodo.

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Even though International Internship 3 and Community Service Program activities were bilateral scopes, it had important meaning for students. It was not only related to school exposers but in the international atmosphere. Students needed to have international insight, especially with the implementation of the ASEAN free market since 2015. "Inevitably, the world of education must be affected by globalization and students must be prepared to win global competition, including in the world of education," he said.

Furthermore, Nur Widodo explained, through this international internship, various qualifications as desired by 21st-century learning was communication skills, creative thinking, collaboration and even independence that can be strengthened by students in this International Internship and Community Service Program.

"Therefore, students participating in International Internships and Community Service Program get debriefing related to fulfilling the four qualifications required, strengthening spirit de corp, mastering Thai language and culture and the important thing also is mastering mapping and travelling in Thailand," he concluded.

The experience of both the Internship and Community Service Program activities in 2018 successfully get appreciation from the Ministry of Education of Thailand in the form of "Teacher of the Year". The award was obtained because of the smart work of students in teaching and developing school cooperatives.

Students of the internship had also documented their activities in the book. By reading the logbook of their experience, the reader can reap good practice.

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This workbook of internship student alumni is published for the general public. The title of the book is "Bangsaku Kawanmu" edition 2016 and "Catatan Kenangan Thailand" edition 2018.

In 2019, FKIP UMM again sent 46 students to take part in international internships and Community Service Program. The student was the result of a selection of 100 interesting ones. Next, the 46 selected students were intensively prepared during May.

In addition to strengthening qualifications, developing individual programs, strengthening the spirit of the corp and mastering the territory and culture of Thailand, to sharpen independence and social sensitivity was sharpened by MOR, ICA and NOLL programs.

Dean of FKIP, Dr. Poncojari Wahyono, M.Kes. gives notes at the time of debriefing, that this year's participants were expected not only to carry out the programs they had prepared.

"My participants are hoped to be able to attract the hearts of schools in Thailand with the character of excellence so that they have the opportunity to be recruited as teachers in Thailand after graduating later, as their level of siblings," it was the motivation given to participants 2019.

"Being a teacher in Thailand is very promising because it does not require certification like in Indonesia and the salary is pretty much higher," he concluded.

UMM Rector Dr. Fauzan, M.Pd. also feels proud of this International Internship and Community Service Program program. "I hope this program can be expanded again in various other countries. It will be great if it can be in Europe and America," he said. (Win)



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