The Story of Ocha in Opposing the Stigma of Ikom Alumni by Choosing Culinary Business

Author : Humas | Wednesday, June 12, 2019 10:29 WIB
Rahmania Santoso. (Photo: Special)

Entrepreneurship is one of the right choices for fresh graduates.That’s what Rahmania Santoso did. This Communication Studies (Ikom) Department Students University of Muhammadiyah Malang was graduated in 2018 and convince herself to generate a culinary endeavor named Tape Deh.

“It was open a pre order for the first time and then sent to the buyer directly,” she said. Far before she was brave enough to open the pre order, she tried to create her own tape with a modern touch creation. Then she offer the products to her close friends and the response is positive.

The woman who is called Ocha admitted that she loveentrepreneurship since she was in elementary school(SD).“I used to sell bracelets in my SD,” she said. Her interest was continued until she was in the University. She sold snacks and she packed it herself. Then she sold it with a label and a smaller packaging.

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The Tape Deh journey that developed by Ocha was developed significantly. Now, Tape Deh has an outlet that can be visited directly by the customers. It is located at the entrance of Bukit Cemara Tujuh Housing. Even though it was brand new, she earn one to two million profits in a month after being deducted by rent, ingredients, and employee salaries.

Nevertheless, Ocha has experienced several failures in developing her Tape Deh. "The materials have been damaged one time and we have to throw it away," she said. According to her, all these things are the processes that an entrepreneur will face.

In the process of establishing Tape Deh, Ocha learned many things. One of them is managing the human resources that manage their business.Including managing paying and shift scheduling."So far, the waiters are students, they have to manage their schedule with their school schedule,” she explained.

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The stigma of Communication Studies graduates who are normally work as Journalists or work in PR Agency.“I’m used with it, as long as it is useful and I love it,” said Ocha who working as UMM rectorate staff. About her basic knowledge, Ocha also use it in the other times. Like being a freelance host.

Ocha wish in the future that her business can inspire the students and fresh graduates to be brave to become an entrepreneur. “Don’t be afraid to try! Because we don’t know what the result is if we don’t try it,” she said in her interview, Monday (3/6). (joh)



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