An Internship Story of UMM Students in BUMN South Sulawesi

Author : Humas | Friday, May 24, 2019 09:44 WIB
Primahaditya Putra Bintang Adi Pradana. (Photo : Special)

Some students from several departments of University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) were participating in the State-owned enterprises (BUMN) internship program Batch I certified in PT Kawasan Industri Makassar (KIMA), South Sulawesi.

Primahaditya Putra Bintang Adi Pradanais one of them. He said that he joins the program to prepare himself to be ready in the world of work. According to him, in class experience is not enough to be prepared in the world of work.

 “Internship can be a consideration in the future to choose the interest and talent in working. It is because, in the future, we need to do a direct job in the field,” said Prima a Law Faculty UMM students (23/5).

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This six months internship was started from a briefing by the company related to the integration internship and the general description of working conditions, until the attitude when making decisions, said Prima when interviewed via WhatsApp.

Not just that, after the briefing, the participant will be placed in the related division with their learned study program. Prima was placed in the Legal Corporate division that responsible in the company matter of law. Especially in the industrial field.

 “Most of this division activities are agreements review, making a decree, and then updating the company regulations specifically for the BUMN industry. Not just materials that given by the company, but also introduced on the conditions of the field and how to solve it,” he said.

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When observed from the programs in the internship, most of the activity done by Prima was matching with the lecture material. It is just from the internship was tend to be more practically or field task. In the end, there will be an assessment of the performance and mastery regarding the involved field.

 “Here, what I just learned and not we learned in lectures such as making industrial land use agreement, making legal opinions and making subpoena.So, there are really a lot of things that I learned here,” said Prima.

Besides getting the provision of practice in the world of work, the BUMN integrated internship participant will get a salary each month. Not just that, they were also getting a certificate as a sign of participation in the BUMN integration internship that can be used in applying for a job in the BUMN companies.

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Special RectorAssistant for Cooperation Planning and Development, Dr. Ratih Juliati, M.Si. on another occasion said that UMM has worked together with 142 BUMN companies under the Forum Human Capital Indonesia (FHCI) in this certified internship scheme.

This program will not interrupt the participants' lectures. In the future, it will be applied to a distance learning system with a blended learning method or online based learning. So that the participant can keep on continuing their ongoing lectures. (joh)



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