The Story of UMM Graduate Who Becomes a 20 Years Old Doctor

Author : Humas | Friday, November 15, 2019 10:37 WIB

dr. Syuna Salimdra (Photo: Special)

dr. Syuna Salimdra, a 20 years old doctor just attended an inauguration and the 40th doctoral oath of Faculty of Medicine (FK) University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on 26 October 2019. This Banjarese doctor made an oath with 67 doctors who completed their studies.

Syuna passes his Doctor Competency Test for Student Profession Program (UKMPPD) with very satisfying score. The son of Buntoro Salimdra and Marzuqoh is not only become the youngest doctor but he also archive the best UKMPPD Objective Structured Clinical Examination (OSCE) that reaching 42,08 score with dr. M. Ilham Akbar.

As for the best Computer Based Test (CBT) UKMPPD achieved by dr. Rika Oktania Sari and dr. Nungki Samahah Kurniawati with 88.5scores. For the best profession GPA with a score of 3.80 achievedby dr. Dzaky Ramadhan Hidayat. The graduation rate for this period was quite satisfying at 93%, and currently FK UMM has graduated 1,269 doctors.

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During the process of professional education, dr. Syuna had experienced difficulties. Dr. Syuna was able to overcome this obstacle because of his will and parents' supports. "In my opinion, the most difficult phase is the Public Health Center's stage, because there are quite a lot of tasks along with a busy schedule. But, Alhamdulillah, everything has been passed," he said.

His dream of becoming a doctor was since childhood. Syuna admitted that the intensity of meeting with a pediatrician was what made him interested in becoming a doctor. Now the dream has been achieved, dr. Syuna hopes to be a useful doctor for many people, who truly help others with his knowledge, and make his family, friends, and relatives proud.

The academic process took place quickly because he attended acceleration classes from elementary, junior high to high school levels. His determination to choose the Faculty of Medicine (FK) has been determined since he was in high school. For Syuna, a doctor is a very noble job because it can help many people. "I see a doctor can save the lives of many people, from there then my interest begins," he said.

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When he was in high school, Syuna claimed that there was no specific method of learning, other than being diligent with a strong will. When he entered college, he adjusted his tempo of study. For five semesters, Syuna was trusted to be a teaching assistant in the FK UMM skill laboratory. "I became a teaching assistant from semester three until semester seven. It turns out that teaching is good too, what is taught can be more easily remembered," said the man who aspires to be an anesthesiologist.

Syuna made his final task by picking the phenomenon of food sellers with used cooking oil for frying. By using the title "The Effect of Papaya Leaf Extracts on the Improvement of White Mouse Hepatic Cell Histopathology Induced by Cooking Oil", Syuna tried to examine the liver damage caused by consuming fried foods with used cooking oil.

The man who was active in the Student Executive Board (BEM) of FK UMM explained that his research could be used for humans. According to him, rat hearts have the same work as human hearts. So, if the rat consumes used cooking oil continuously and damaged the rat's liver, it can also damage the human heart. "If papaya leaf extract can prevent further damage to the rat's liver, so it is with the human heart," Syuna explained. (joh)



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