Indonesian CEO Medika Invites Indonesian Youth to Stop Criticizing and Start looking for a solution

Author : Humas | Thursday, September 27, 2018 09:40 WIB

Dr. Gamal Albinsaid, CEO of Indonesia Medika at UMM Dome, Tuesday (27/9)

If you want to enjoy life, make sure to do these three things, namely working in a preferred field, working in a controlled area and how the work can be beneficial for others. This was presented by Dr. Gamal Albinsaid, CEO of Indonesia Medika on EMTEK Goes to Campus  at Dome University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) on Tuesday (26/9).

"Don't desperately chasing something that could not be carried off and don't sacrifice a dream just for rupiah coins," he said to encourage for about 6,000 students.The man who is also engaged in the socialpreuneur world deliver that following passion is one of the things that requires him to grab achievements in life. Gamal, who likes children, was once touched when he saw a scavenger child who had to die because of diarrhea due to the lack of funds to access health facilities.

As it turns out, similar cases are very common in Indonesia. According to the data he obtained, there are millions of children under the age of 5 diedfrom lack of health care. As the result, he took the initiative to establish Indonesia Medika (Inmed) and carried out various programs to help underprivilegedcommunitiesin accessing health services, one of them through junk insurance.

"We informed to the underprivileged communities to get health services and information. For junk insurance, only pay a little 10 thousand rupiah per month, the public will get free medical treatment and hospitalization, "said guy to burn the spirit of younger generation.

In addition through the Junk insurance that can be used for medical treatment in the Inmed Clinic,
Gamal also provide his dedication through and is a platform using a digital approach, social media, and voluntary movements. Meanwhile connects health workers with the community in order to provide easier health services.

This program has even managed to collect 500 volunteers and a substantial amount of funds. In fact, the funds collected had reached hundreds millions of rupiah to help the operation of a baby with cerebral hemorrhage."So those who have Facebook don't just use it to post selfie photos. The program is short in age but has already helped over hundreds of people in Indonesia, "he said.

Lastly Gamal advised the students who are in their best period to continue to maintain their passion in work. He also hoped that the students would never waste the opportunity they had in this golden age.

"Youth is like the brightest sun. So don't waste this time. The task of Indonesian youth is no longer criticizing but  to produce solutions. Believe me if we refine our intention, God will send Hisbesthelp, "concluded the man who had won various national and international awards, one of them was" The Prince of Wales Young Sustainability Entrepreneur "from Prince Charles in England after setting aside 511 entrepreneurial participants from 90 countries .

What Dr. Gamal delivered in line with Vice Rector I, UMM, Prof. Dr. Syamsul Arifin, M.Si. who also confirmed that the student is a wealth of Nations which need to be safeguarded and preserved for the future of Indonesia."This morning we stand before the millennial owned hundreds of UMM and these are assets for the Betterment of this nation, " he asserts.



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