UMM Muhammadiyah Young Scholars Declare a National Unity

Author : Humas | Monday, May 20, 2019 14:19 WIB
Konferensi pers. (Foto: Humas UMM)

Some of young academics at the University of Muhammadiyah Malang (UMM) held aNational Declarationat UMM Dome on Monday (20/05). They are members of the UMM Muhammadiyah Young Scholars who are concerned about the latest conditions.

The spokesman ofCMM UMM Pradana Boy stated that as a young scholar, he was concerned about the current political symptoms. Quoting from President Soekarno, that unity is something that is very expensive and too expensive to sacrifice."Once the unity is sacrificed, the recovery will not going to be easy, it can be hundreds of years or worse it cannot be restored," said Pradana.

Pradana also regrettedthatnowafactual truth is no longer anactual truth.In contrast, the truth has been replaced by an opinion that factualized, propaganda, point of view, analysis, or hoax. The level of trust in "factualized opinion", and not "actual truth" has made the authority of state institutions that are competent in producing information in certain fields start to decrease.

In fact, he continued, there is a tendency that the state institutions are no longer respected and even considered asapart of an evil conspiracy to destroy the nation.

As a religion based country, religion and religious leaders are expected to play a role in minimizing the conflict, tension, and fragmentation that happened this country.

 “Unfortunately, not a few religious leaders who are part of the vortex of conflict and instead become the strength of unity, they invited the society to solve problems in a way that not religious instead,” said Pradana.

Pradana added, the act of National Declaration also impacting several important statements to remind the public, including: (1) Respecting every democratic process, seeing it as a routine mechanism in the nation and state life, and not making it a trigger for fragmentation and conflict among the nation’s;(2) Inviting community leaders and religion leaders to become adhesives of the people, conditioning the situation and reducing the tension;(3) Supporting the current legitimate government to be firm and strong in facing any attempt to divide the nation. (joh)



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